Top Shopify Stores: Part 2

Top Shopify stores we looked at previously

In our recent blog, ‘Best Shopify Stores,’ we found some of Shopify’s best and most well-known stores. Among the brands featured are Gymshark, Skinny Dip, Kylie Cosmetics, and Tesla . We’ll discover even more renowned Shopify sites in this article to share with you today. Lets start.


First on our list of top Shopify stores is Huel. Julian Hearn started Huel in 2015 with a mission ‘to make nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimal impact on animals and the environment. Now, Huel has become a thriving success selling 50 million meals a year in more than 80 countries. This is only 4 years down the line showing just how far Huel has come to this day. In addition, Huel has been a recognised success story featured in multiple news articles, such as The Times, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and Forbes, as well as promoted on The Diary of the CEO by Steven Bartlett who is a recognised British businessman and entrepreneur starring on the TV series Dragons Den. 

Reasons why we think Huel is among the top Shopify stores: 

  • Huel has a clear call to action (CTA) & digital strategy
  • The Huel website is exceptionally easy to navigate
  • The Huel site has a simple yet effective website design
  • Pop up incentives such as getting ‘free T-shirt on your first order’, ‘shop Huel’ and ‘refer a friend for £10’
  • Huel has an extremely clear vision and mission

We love how the Huel site has a clear drive and is full of ambition and passion for the products they make. Headings and drop down menus are made clear which satisfied us as a visitor. Huel shows true authenticity with more than just products to buy on a page. They offer stories, approved and easy to view testimonials by nutritionists, as well as providing the value proposition of what they offer such as clear benefits and promotions. The website is modern, unique and provides the users with great content. On a whole, Huel shows they had the customers at the forefront of every page. Making it our top Shopify store.


Next up on our list of the top Shopify stores we have Allbirds, a truly inspiring brand founded by Tim Brown and Joey Zwilinger, a native of New Zealand as well as an engineer and renewables expert. Allbirds is a footwear brand focused on sustainability and inspired by natural materials to create innovatively designed environmentally friendly shoes. They are known for their incredibly comfortable shoes which are simple in design yet appealing to the eye and ‘made from mother nature’. Allbirds footwear are one to watch as they are quickly becoming a very successful footwear brand with a visible commitment on quality, comfort and sustainability.

Here is why we think Allbirds is one of the top Shopify stores: 

  • Aesthetically pleasing website design
  • Easy to navigate around the site
  • Clear vision from Allbirds, makes you want to keep reading
  • Effective CTA’s such as ‘shop mens’, ‘shop womens’, ‘sign up’
  • Fast and responsive website
  • Fascinating visuals

We love how clear and intriguing the Allbirds website is, which captured the attention of us as a user. There are lots of visuals and images that make you stop and indulge in their story such as how they craft environmentally friendly materials. The website is easy to navigate with clear headings and directions as well as clear keywords and descriptions of products. This is an effective way to keep customers on the right track towards converting as they know and trust what they are buying. Find out how Our Digital Team can increase conversions of your business on our service page.


Founded by James Green, Nutriseed is on a mission to make ‘healthy living accessible for everyone’. They create foods full of natural ingredients whilst maintaining a high quality product that does not compromise on taste. Not satisfied until their customers are, Nutriseed are a driven brand. Nutriseed are a growing brand who have earned their place on the list of top Shopify stores.

Why we think Nutriseed is one of the top Shopify stores:

  • Clear vision and mission, has a story and reflects the brand well on website
  • Clear calls to actions ‘shop juice cleanse’ and ‘spin to win’
  • Easy to navigate
  • Responsive website
  • Sleek and professional design

We think Nutriseed have built an excellent Shopify store, combining clear headings and navigation along with a professional and sleek design. We loved how well the website fitted with the brand image, almost shouting out to us as the user to try out their products.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Another brand who has shown to successfully utilise the Shopify platform is Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Jeffree Star Cosmetics was founded in 2014 by the You Tuber himself. This Shopify store is bringing in around $100 million each year, showing the success of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Brand and the potential of a Shopify store. The brand being worth an estimated $1.5 billion, Jeffree Star has certainly joined the ‘elite’ of the fashion world

The reasons why we believe Jeffree Star Cosmetics is one of the top Shopify stores: 

  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics has a clear vision and drive
  • The home page has popular product features
  • Clear CTA’s such as ‘add to cart’ and ‘select shade’
  • Easy to navigate
  • Reflects the brand extremely well
  • Clear product images

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is such a unique and powerful Shopify website, which radiates the success of the makeup brand. The site is almost overpowering yet so enticing and rich with personality and passion. There are clear calls to actions, headlines, product descriptions and images which is a great way to gain users attention.

Fashion Nova

Finally we have Fashion Nova, founded by Richard Saghian in 2006 and has since become ‘the world’s leading quick-to-market apparel and lifestyle brand’. Fashion Nova pride themselves on being an ‘un-apologetically sexy’ brand known for bringing the season’s hottest looks to millions of people around the world. The company was named the number one most searched fashion brands on Google in 2018. Fashion Nova has had some successful collaborations with big celebrities such as Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Tyga.

Here is why we think Fashion Nova deserves to be on the list of Top Shopify stores: 

  • Clear mission
  • Clear call to actions such as ‘shop now’ and ‘10% off’
  • Free shipping banner encouraging sales
  • Easy to navigate site with clear headings
  • Clear imagery to what products look like
  • Effective re-marketing

We love the brand image of Fashion Nova, they are a brand who clearly know who they are, their mission and their values which entices users to explore their Shopify site further. They use exceptionally effective call to actions, as well as re-marketing campaigns to encourage the user to stay on the site and checkout. Fashion Nova are using an incredible array of imagery which is designed to impact in a way to grab our attention.

Summary of top Shopify stores

We hope you enjoyed part two of our guide to the top Shopify stores and that it has given you a better understanding of the potential that Shopify can provide for your business and how successful your ecommerce store can become. Shopify is built with scalability in mind, so you should change your store as your company expands. If you need any support starting or scaling your Shopify store visit ourShopify support page.

Shopify’s design makes an ecommerce website easy to setup and design, use other essentials like marketing may necessitate outsourcing. By using a professional digital marketing agency like Our Digital Team, we can utilise the Shopify platform for your brand and take the pressure off you to do so yourself. As Shopify specialists, we optimise your store by utilising the following methods:

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