Our approach to digital team building

Traditional digital agencies work remotely from their clients. At Our Digital Team we aim to build dedicated agency teams that work in client’s offices. Our approach to digital team building provides clients with a long-term solution that is tailored to their needs.

This provides a number of advantages for our clients:

  • No risks associated with contractors such as IR 35
  • A more transparent and collaborative approach than traditional agencies
  • The team get to know your culture, your people and your process
  • Client teams build their digital knowledge and learn a process that works
  • Better working relationships with clients
  • No risky recruitment
  • No training and development or teams to manage
  • Get a team with the right skills and expertise for your needs. We’re a Shopify and Google partner.
  • It’s scalable. We can add more team members or reduce the team size to suit your requirements

3 ways of building your digital team

We have three models for client engagement. As our team members have the same philosophy, approach and process it is easy to switch from one model to another depending upon the needs of our clients.

1. A stand-alone digital agency partner

For smaller clients, or as an initial engagement we work like a traditional digital marketing agency. Our team work remotely and we adapt the team in-line with the needs of the business.

2. Our employees in client offices as a team

For more demanding clients, where digital marketing success is critical for the growth of our clients business, we will build a digital team that works from our clients offices. This is our typical engagement model.

3. We build a permanent team employed by the client

We can work with client’s to help them build their own digital team, or recruit full-time members of client teams to complement the above models. We welcome the opportunity to transition our people in to client teams when this is right for the client and the team member.

Team Formation

Every team we build for our clients is different. We build teams based on our clients aims and objectives, to fit in with their company culture. When we start working together we plan out the aims and objectives for our clients over the next 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. We agree key objectives to achieve and build teams to meet them. This means that teams grow in line with the needs of the business. Our approach to digital team building is tried and trusted.

We gather 360 degree feedback from our clients about every team member every month. By analysing each team members performance and following a proven methodology for skills development we can work with you to refine the team on a regular basis. This provides a pool of exceptional digital talent within client’s offices that grows in line with needs.

From time to time we will add specialist team members for one-off projects of for specialist engagements. As these team members follow the same methodology this makes it easy for the team to evolve.

Team Structure

The size and structure of every team we build varies enormously. A team can include any combination of the following job roles:

Head of Digital –

Head of Search Marketing –

Head of CRO –

Head of Email Marketing –

Project Managers –

SEO Executive –

Paid Media Executive –

CRO Executive –

Digital Marketing Executive –

Digital Marketing Apprentice –

Copy Writers –

Analytics Executive –

Technical Architect –

Web Developer –

Web Designer –

Learn more about our approach to digital team building

To learn more about our approach to digital team building or to discus how we can help build a team for you please contact us.