Lingerie Digital Marketing Insights

The demand for lingerie has skyrocketed, resulting in the ecommerce market for ‘Lingerie’ to expand exponentially. 

  • Online searches for Lingerie has increased dramatically
  • During Covid-19, physical lingerie stores closed leading online lingerie stores to become more popular than ever before
  • Lingerie became demanding during the lockdown period and has since continued

This has evolved ever-lasting changes to the ecommerce ‘Lingerie’ sector, inspiring us UK leading digital marketing experts to get exploring into the lingerie market. The results were discovered using our expertise and knowledge into the ecommerce industry which led to the most effective and fascinating results.

To finesse our results, we focused on ecommerce ‘Shopify’ brands only, which allowed us to identify more incise findings for the lingerie sector. The digital marketing insights contain key pieces of information which has the potential to grow your ecommerce lingerie store. This includes strategies on how to lead the way above competitors in the lingerie market.

The Digital Marketing Insights include:

Customer Behavior: How has time changed customer buying habits for lingerie? How has the new digital generation developed ecommerce brands?

Website Effectiveness: Which lingerie brands are doing better than others and why? How can your website development determine where you rank in Google search results? What companies are using Shopify to their full advantage?

Organic Search Performance: Who is using effective SEO in order to rank high in Google? What can your ecommerce business do to improve in the rankings?

Omnichannel Shopping: Which lingerie companies are using more than one channel for example, social media to generate more profit for their business? How can the conversion rate of your brand be improved from the activities used on these channels?

Paid Media: Are companies using their social media to identify improvements and desired goals of the company? How are companies performing against each other?

Content Marketing: Are customers being targeted efficiently using PR, SEO and social media outputs? How are your competitors making more sales using content marketing and what strategies are they using to do this?

The research has been carried out by ecommerce digital marketing experts as well as Shopify and Google partner specialists. The results will be delivered via a Google Meet webinar or a call if you prefer. The research will be for your company and your company only, involving strategy opportunities to outdo competitors. 

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