Digital Strategy

Having a digital strategy is essential for organisations looking to transform their business and improve profitability from digital marketing. It’s an element that is often neglected by digital marketers, or simply not understood.

Our digital strategy service involves 4 key elements: 

  • Identifying objectives to give you more of a focus so that you can outline strategic actions to form an effective marketing campaign.
  • Our digital strategy will allow you to gain a deeper understand of your target audience, their wants and needs and most importantly how to successfully reach them.
  • Digital strategy is fundamental in managing your budget and maximising the return on your investment. 
  • Having a digital strategy means you can monitor the effectiveness of your digital marketing and highlight which areas need more attention but also enables you to gain a better insight into your target audiences buying behaviours. 

How can we help develop your business with a digital strategy?

We often encounter organisations with no digital strategy. This means they have no plan. They don’t have a way to measure success or evaluate growth. Although businesses like this can be quick to adapt to changing trends they are often chaotic and miss opportunities.

At the other extreme we meet business owners who worry too much about their digital strategy. They put all digital innovation on hold until they have a digital strategy in-place, often losing out on years of regular improvement. The resulting strategy is often too generic and not executable. 

Our team of digital experts have worked with hundreds of high-profile organisations to devise a digital strategy that will map-out their future growth. Please contact us to find out how we can assist you with your digital strategy and goals.

What makes our digital strategy effective?

An effective digital strategy will have 5 characteristics that make it a meaningful plan for the entire business.

  • SMART:  We apply smart objectives and regularly monitor whether we are on track to reach our goals. This is to ensure effectiveness of the activity, measure progress and evaluate your success.
  • Actionable: We think that blending high level strategic goals with a road map of tactical tasks is most effective. This has proven successful time and time again with our clients. Applying this formula is what has made the likes of  Google, Amazon and eBay successful.
  • Simple: We want to make sure that the plan is understood by every stakeholder in an organisation. It needs to galvanise everyone behind a single plan. The easier it is to understand then the more effective it will be.
  • Dynamic: The pace of digital change is unprecedented. Audiences are quick to adopt new devices, new business models and change their behaviour in line with constantly changing digital trends. A successful plan needs to be dynamic so that it can be quickly adapted to meet changes in audience behaviour or to counter competitive activity.
  • Regularly updated: A digital plan that outlines strategy for more than 3 years is likely to be wildly inaccurate. This means that the plan should be regularly updated, we do this at least every six months, to stay ahead of emerging trends and to take competitor activity into account.

Our Digital Team can assist you with the development of an effective digital plan that will deliver growth for any organisation. It can provide an easy to follow plan for future digital innovation, galvanise your organisation behind common goals and be executable by agency partners or in-house team members. 

Our Digital Team are strategic specialists with more than 20 years of digital experience. Our qualified, award winning marketing team is made up of some of the leading UK digital marketing experts. Our hard work has resulted in our team being awarded partner status with both Shopify and Google.

We are dedicated to making a difference to our clients through hard work, determination and the skillset to effectively optimise your site. We take pride in our track history of outstanding results which you can read more about in our marketing portfolio. One example of our work is increasing ecommerce sales for electricpedals.co.uk by 500%.

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