Digital Agency in Sale : Shopify Growth Workshop

Our Digital Team’ are holding a local ‘Shopify Growth Workshop’ right on your doorstep. Get sound digital marketing advice from the leading digital agency in Sale. This workshop will aim to identify how your organisation can generate more sales, convert more customers and create more brand awareness for your online store.

We are a team of UK leading digital marketers with 26 years experience in the digital marketing sector. With our profound knowledge and expertise, it has led us to become qualified by Google and Shopify. Our clients are based all around the world, some of which will be well known to you.

Our purpose is to add long-term specialist skills to your organisation and help your ecommerce store grow via website improvements.

Our Shopify Growth Workshop aims to explore:

  • How to make your website more visible in Google
  • Missed opportunities to increase your website audience
  • How to take advantage of Google Ads
  • Simple ways to improve usability for website visitors
  • How to grow your social media audience, get more engagement and improve your reputation
  • The latest trends in customer behaviour
  • How to track the return on investment from your digital marketing spend
  • Ways to find out how digital marketing can increase the value of your business
  • The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your competitors

The importance of effective digital marketing

Digital marketing is key to creating brand awareness and recognition for successful ecommerce stores. Many online businesses tend to fail or come to a stand still because of the lack of digital marketing that has been put into the website. This is why planning digital marketing strategies for your business is important as it could lead to high growth for your business

Where will the Shopify Growth Workshop be held?

Our Digital Growth Workshop will be held in Manchester, Sale.


This opportunity is open to all local businesses and local digital agency in Sale, for the chance to grow their local ecommerce store. The Workshop will be held for around an hour and is free of charge. We are restricting this Growth Workshop to 10 organisations only, so you need to be quick if you want a space.

Arrange your session today

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