E-cigarettes and Vapes Digital Marketing Insights

Electronic cigarettes and vapes have become extremely popular over the past few years. New types of e-cigarettes and vapes have been introduced leading to huge demands on vaping devices. As a consequence, more customers are buying online and ecommerce retailers are jostling for customers attention.

The digital marketplace for E-cigarettes has undergone significant change: 

  • The number of online searches for e-cigarettes and vapes has surged
  • Customer online buying habits have changed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • There has been huge growth in online purchase of e-cigarettes and vapes

Our UK leading team of Digital Marketing experts conducted in-depth research into the UK market trends of e-cigarettes and vapes. We used market leading tools and insight’s, from the likes of Google and Shopify, to compare the approaches of retailers in the UK ecommerce electronic cigarette and vape market. 

The research we conducted focused on e-cigarettes and vape e-commerce stores on the ‘Shopify’ platform. The Digital Marketing insights include significant findings for how to grow sales and become a leading ecommerce brand in the e-cigarette and vape sector.

Insights for ‘E-cigarettes and Vapes’ include:

  • Customer behaviour: How has the demand for e-cigarettes and vapes changed consumer buying habits? How has the growth for online stores had an impact on customer behaviour? 
  • Website effectiveness: Which brands are using Shopify to their full advantage and knowledge? Which e-cigarette and vape stores are appearing high in google search?
  • Organic Search Performance: Which ecommerce site is using effective SEO to rank high above competitors in the same market? What can you do to become high up in the rankings? 
  • Omnichannel Shopping: Which e-cigarette and vape companies are using alternative channels to complement their online store? Are the brand’s other channels being used efficiently to reach new customers? 
  • Paid Media: How are you comparing with your competitors when it comes to paid search activity, display ads and remarketing? 
  • Content Marketing: Is your company using effective content marketing, effective PR and SEO to generate more sales and drive new customers? 

The Digital Marketing insights have been specially conducted by a leading Shopify and Google partner, using expertise e-commerce knowledge and skills. The results will be delivered to you via a short online webinar (or call if you prefer) including a detailed report providing data for your specific company. 

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