Shopify Agency Manchester

Our Digital Team is a digital marketing consultancy made up of qualified, award winning Shopify experts. Based in Manchester, we specialise in helping businesses succeed in eCommerce. We have a dedicated Shopify support team and offer various digital marketing services to achieve excellent results for our clients. We’re here to make online success simple and effective for you.

With our support, your business can thrive and achieve success in the online realm. Boasting over 2 million users globally, Shopify stands as an excellent platform for start-ups, expanding retailers, and large organisations. It equips you with essential tools to efficiently manage your online business. While Shopify has boundless potential with our assistance, it lacks built-in marketing services. That’s where we step in to fill the gap and enhance your online presence.

Our Digital Team provide many of the digital marketing services you’d expect from a digital marketing agency which include: 

Our Clients

Our Digital Team provide digital marketing services for Ecommerce business across the UK, North America and Europe. We work with clients who do not have the time, knowledge or expertise to create and implement a successful digital marketing strategy. Our aim is to provide clients with a solid, results driven marketing strategy.

Our Digital Team has increased search visibility for our client SteakLocker.com by 200%

We increased ecommerce sales for electricpedals.co.uk by 500%

We worked with BrasAndHoney.com to expand in to new markets, including the USA.

So, why use us as your Shopify Agency Manchester?

On top of the reasons listed above, we are official partners of Google and Shopify. Our Digital Team is a Shopify partner Manchester based with over 25 year digital experience and is an award winning team made up of some of the UK leading digital marketers in the UK. We are experts at what we do and pride ourselves being the last digital marketing agency you’ll need.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and receive your FREE 15 minute consultation on the health and effectiveness of your Shopify site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Shopify agency do?

A Shopify agency specializes in helping businesses establish and optimise their online presence through the Shopify e-commerce platform. Services typically include website development, design customisation, and integration of features such as payment gateways and product listings. These agencies ensure a seamless and effective online shopping experience for customers, ultimately helping businesses drive sales and grow their online presence.