How Much Does Contentful Cost?

Contentful is a versatile headless content management system (CMS) which efficiently delivers digital content across a number of channels. Users are able to create, manage and distribute content independently on the presentation layer. Contentful’s aim is to be flexible and provide an ease of integration. The platform supports a wide array of applications and platforms. 

How much does Contentful cost?

Contentful offers a range of plans designed for every project. These plans cater to different user needs and business requirements. There is a free plan available which is best suited for individuals or small businesses with basic content management needs. This plan comes with limitations on resources and features.

For businesses which have more extensive requirements, Contentful provides paid plans. These plans are tiered, offering increasing levels of capacity, features and support. Pricing is based upon factors such as the volume of content stored and delivered, number of users, and functionalities required.

In some of the paid plans, common features that could be included might be advanced content management, collaboration tools, access controls and enhanced support options. Additionally, they may have options for scaling resources based on your website or application’s growth.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

For Contentful customers on self-service subscriptions on the basic plan, this is a month-to-month, cancel anytime basis. For premium plan customers which have full access to advanced features and benefit from special services, this contract is done on an annual basis. 

How many users are available per plan?

For the Free plan, there is a limit of 5 users. If businesses were to upgrade to the paid Basic plan, this increases to a total of 20 users. Once upgraded to the Premium plan, this significantly expands up to thousands of users, depending on the plan that is agreed with the Contentful sales team.

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What is Contentful?

What is Contentful?

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