Our services: 

Google shopping is a service by Google that allows consumers to search for and compare products across an array of retailers who have paid to promote their products. Google shopping seed management is essential for any ecommerce business wanting to generate sales directly from the ‘shopping’ tab in Google results, or to get your products featured prominently on the search engine results page. The results of google shopping are displayed at the top of search engine results as a thumbnail image showing each retailer’s price. 

We provide this service to retailers using a variety of ecommerce systems, such as Magento and Shopify. Our team aims to maximise exposure for merchants products and deliver a great return on investment from your investment in Google Merchant Centre.

Google Shopping Management Services:

We handle all aspects of Google Shopping Management, from optimising your product feeds and images to management of your bidding strategy. Our team of digital marketing professionals collaborate to provide a best in class experience to customers:

  • Developers ensure that your product feed is up to date and that the essential variables, such as sizes, colours, styles, prices, shipping information, stock availability and product numbers are added to Google Merchant Centre. By integrating with stock management and EPOS systems our team can make sure that your feed is updated in line with changing stock levels to ensure your campaign is always up to date.
  • Copy writers and SEO professionals enhance the content within your product feeds to make sure that your product titles and descriptions are optimised for the phrases used by potential customers.  By implementing changes to the text, and adding compelling imagery, we aim to maximise exposure when a customer searches for your products.
  • Our Google Advertising professionals will implement a bidding strategy that aims to maximise exposure and ensure the campaigns deliver a great return on investment.
  • Conversion rate optimisation professionals analyse your website analytics to understand buyer behaviour. My monitoring customer activity on the site they can suggest changes to maximise the conversion rate.

The benefits of our google shopping management: 

  • Displays images of your product- 65% of people are visual learners and will remember a picture of product over text about one. 
  • Search engine results- google shopping appears before other website results leading to better visibility 
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Product specific landing pages

What makes us effective at google shopping management:

As google partners, Our Digital Team have had to prove dedication to becoming and staying experts at Google’s ad platform. Our team has unmatched expertise and keeps up with industry changes and updates to ensure we provide the best service we can. Our Digital Team is made up of some of the leading digital experts in the UK with 25 years experience. We strive for exceptional results in all of our marketing services, which is what makes us an award winning, qualified team.

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