Pay Per Click Advertising

Our digital marketing services includes pay per click advertising (PPC). This is one of the more cost effective models used in digital marketing. The PPC framework uses a system where a sum of money is only paid when a user clicks on the placed advertisement. Pay per click is instrumental in generating targeted traffic and boosting site visibility. 

The different types of pay per click services we offer includes; Social media advertising, Search advertising, Display advertising, Google Shopping ads and Paid Search Ads. There are multiple success factors of pay per click advertising which depend on the strategic use of keywords and compelling headlines that effectively target the desired audience. Our Digital Team provides pay per click services that target your audience directly by using analytical tools to identify the target market’s characteristics and their wants and needs. 

How our Pay Per Click advertising can benefit you:

Our pay per click services provide your business with an array of benefits. Pay per click is a cost effective, measurable and targeted method of digital marketing- when carried out successfully. The benefits of Our Digital Teams PPC services:

  • The fee you pay is based on the amount of clicks on your ad.
  • PPC is flexible to suit your budget enabling you to regulate your spend.
  • Maximises the return on your digital marketing investment (ROI).
  • Pay per click offers immediate results and can be an effective short term strategy to drive traffic to your site.
  • Can increase conversion rate and revenue.
  • Allows you to target your market directly.
  • Increases brand awareness and brand recognition when used with other digital marketing techniques.
  • It is customisable.

How we can help:

Our Digital Team are experts in digital marketing and search engine optimisation. We are Shopify partners. Our aim is to optimise your ads to make them profitable. With our knowledge and experience we can generate instant results from pay per click advertising. Initially we will complete an SEO audit to identify the most appropriate keywords to optimise your advert. From here we can develop a plan of action to create a compelling ad campaign concentrated on the most gainful form of PPC for your business. 

Throughout the completion of our action plan we will constantly monitor the effectiveness of the PPC advertisements. This will enable us to identify any improvements to maintain and increase levels of ranking and to keep up with the ever changing digital landscape. 

Finally, Our Digital Team can help you by sharing our expert digital marketing and Shopify partner knowledge with a focus on pay per click advertising to benefit your business in the long term. By passing on our skills and knowledge to you and your internal teams, your business can save money by utilising these skills in the future. 

What makes us effective at Pay Per Click Advertising?

As digital marketing experts with 25 years of digital experience, Our Digital Team knows how to optimise your paid adverts so that they are effective and can increase conversions. This makes the cost per click worthwhile and profitable. We are a Google and Shopify partner meaning we can optimise your ad to appeal to search engines shopping pages. Our team is dedicated to achieving exceptional results every time, which is one of the reasons Our Digital Team is an award winning team made up of some of the best digital marketers in the UK. 

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