Our Digital Team

Our Digital Team is a digital partner that helps ecommerce and B2B organisations improve results from digital marketing.

Our Unique Approach

Our digital Team hires graduates and apprentices who become the ‘digital team’ for our clients. We train our staff them in all aspects of digital marketing. We get them ‘Google Qualified’ and give them experience in a range of different platforms. When they are qualified they become the ‘digital marketing team’ for our clients.

This means our clients get better results, for a fraction of the investment, with a closer more transparent working relationship.

As a Google and Shopify Partner, we specialise in providing digital marketing services for a range of online businesses. We are also an experienced WordPress agency and Contentful partner with a depth of knowledge for website development and website design.  Our team is big enough to manage and small enough to care.

We are not a traditional agency.

Our transparent and collegiate approach aims to grow capability and resource within in-house marketing teams. Whether you want help from our digital marketing experts or want an in-house team of your own. We can build a digital team that works in our client’s offices, or build a digital team employed by our clients.

We’re the last digital marketing agency you’ll need

Digital marketing is now the most dependable route to market for modern and online businesses. Despite this, many businesses still rely on external agency partners. Our Digital Team understand that agencies can be expensive and knowledge is crucial. We know this needs to change.

The process, know-how and resourcing of digital marketing will soon be part of the day to day drumbeat of regular marketing activity. Our Digital Team exists to aid that transition.

What does Our Digital Team do for clients?

We aim to solve seven key problems that affect progressive ecommerce and B2B organisations:

  1. Improve your digital profile.
  2. Increase audiences to digital channels and website.
  3. Generate more conversions.
  4. Increase repeat conversions from existing customers.
  5. Implement a digital marketing strategy, instil best practice and develop process within in-house marketing teams.
  6. Develop the digital skills and expertise within client teams.
  7. Assist with the recruitment of high quality digital marketing talent to your teams by training the next generation of digital marketing experts.

What makes us different to a traditional agency?

The traditional digital marketing agency model is flawed. Traditionally, clients appoint specialist agencies for different disciplines. Often a paid media agency, an SEO partner, a social media agency and a CRO expert are all appointed by the same client.

Each agency partner works in silos. The client doesn’t get full transparency of the work done. No knowledge is transferred to the in-house client marketing teams.  Internal teams don’t evolve and they remain dependent on external partners for audience growth, lead generation and sales. This means the client side marketers lack know-how, expertise and knowledge. The marketing effort is in the hands of a third party and the client must pay big money for it.

Our Digital Team is a digital consultancy that works within clients businesses and alongside internal expertise. We provide many of the digital marketing services you’d expect from a digital marketing agency and can develop internal teams and bridge the gap between traditional agencies and freelancers. By sharing our knowledge, developing skills, implementing new process and helping find talent, your marketing department can be fully equipped for the future. We are partners with Shopify and Google.

Why choose Our Digital Team for your digital marketing?

  • Ideation: Our Digital Team have enthusiastic marketeers dedicated to providing you with fresh, new ideas for business strategies and operations to pull in potential customers and sales.
  • Cost Efficiency: Hiring a digital agency cuts down costs drastically over time. Outsourcing a digital agency eliminates the need for payroll taxes,  marketing tools and other factors that come into hiring marketing employees.
  • Research: Our Digital Team are big on research. We aim to stay relevant and up to date with current trends and industry changes.
  • Driven by results: Excellent results is what drives our team. Each client receives a monthly report showing the results achieved, growth and plans for the following month to keep the improvements moving.
  • Tailored to your needs: Our Digital Team will focus on each marketing or advertising need that you outline. This means that you can focus on other projects within your business without the burden being on your shoulders.

We are not your average Shopify Agency Manchester and don’t see ourselves as an external agency but instead a part of your team. That’s why clients refer to us as ‘Our Digital Team’.

Our Digital Team: Client Testimonials

We have had the pleasure to work with some great companies.

Working with Our Digital Team we’ve launched a portfolio of eCommerce websites powered by Shopify. The team assist us with SEO, PPC, email marketing and other digital marketing services. They’ve provided excellent service and generated some great results With the help of Our Digital Team we have been able to enter new markets including the USA! I would recommend them to any organisation wanting an action oriented, no nonsense approach to digital marketing.

Nicola Rodney Crook, Founder, Bras and Honey