Shopify Sales Calendar

As we are more than half way through 2022, many Shopify E-commerce stores haven’t yet hit their 2022 goals. This could mean new strategies need to be implemented in order to realistically hit the goals and targets set. Our ‘Shopify Sales Calendar’ developed by our ‘Shopify Support team‘ could be just the thing your business needs.

One of the most efficient digital marketing campaigns is the Shopify Sales Calendar. This calendar identifies, highlights and underlines ways in which your business can grow. It does this by pinning down what areas of your ecommerce store needs attention. It can also accelerate sales in drop shipping stores through our shopify support team.

What does the Shopify Sales Calendar include?

The Shopify Sales Calendar coordinates all aspects of digital marketing including:

  • SEO: Using organic digital marketing to rank high in Google.
  • Content Marketing: Using competitor research to effectively create content for a number of channels using SEO accordingly to target the right customers.
  • Email Marketing: Using effective email marketing campaigns to promote your product or services.

In order for a successful digital marketing campaign, these four core elements must be used in combination to gain full their advantage. Therefore, It is essential to put maximum effort into your Shopify Calendar because if you don’t, the results will be minimised and valuable business time will be wasted. 

Where can I find the right set of hands to take control of my ‘Shopify Sales Calendar’?

We are one of the UK leading Shopify and Google Partners, our ‘Shopify Support team‘ of leading digital marketers has 26 years experience in the digital marketing sector. Unlike many other digital marketers, we consider all elements of digital marketing and create a tailor made calendar that suits you business.

By letting us map out and execute your Shopify Sales Calendar campaign, you will benefit in a number of ways.

This includes:

  • No need to employ new marketing staff: With our team of experts, there’s no need to employee new staff as we work as an extension of your team. This means we work for you but without the commitment of taking on new employees.
  • No time lost training new employees: We are already equipped and ready with our expertise in the digital marketing sector, meaning you don’t need to spend time training up employees on what we already know. This saves time and money for your business.
  • No expensive salaries to pay: As we come as one marketing team, you don’t need to pay multiple salaries. This again saves valuable business money which can put towards other important aspects within your Shopify store.
  • No stress over employment contracts: You don’t need to fuss over employment contracts or HR issues, meaning less stress and worry.
  • Up skill your current employees and Gain experience in digital marketing: We can train up members of staff so in-time, you will no longer need our assistance. This adds value to your business.
  • Short contacts: We offer flexible contacts, meaning no long term commitment required. This takes off the stress if you needed to let us go.
  • Add additional specialists if needed: If your Shopify store requires a specialist that we don’t happen to have, we can provide them for you as part of our team. This saves money and time.
  • Gain access to third party marketing tools, with no added costs: You will have access to important digital marketing tools that could save you hundreds if not thousands each year. This gives your business an advantage in digital marketing.
  • Get help right away: We can get started right away with our strong team of digital marketers. This means no time is wasted and results will be shown faster.

We want online Shopify stores to make the most out of their hard work and dedication. Our Shopify Sales Calendar provides you with the ideal solution. With our help, you can create campaigns that are timed to perfection, hitting the right audiences and saving money, leading to an impactful digital marketing campaign. A more in depth list of what our team can do to grow your sales can be found here on our Shopify growth workshop page.

Let’s plan your Shopify Sales Calendar together

We would like to work with you on your very own ‘Shopify Sales Calendar’ to help achieve your goals for the year/s ahead.

Contact us below by filling out the form to arrange a chat to discuss this with our team.