Shopify Drop Shipping

What is Shopify drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a term used to describe ecommerce stores who use a third party business such as a wholesaler or manufacturer to hold and ship out the store’s goods to customers. This means the store can manage their business with no overload of stock and inventory.

The most significant distinction between drop shipping and traditional retail is that the selling merchant does not stock or own inventory; instead, they function as a middleman. Usually, this allows a business to be more efficient and organised when getting their products out and shipped. Shopify Drop shipping is a great digital strategy if done correctly. Our in house Shopify sales calendar is the perfect tool to bring growth and success to your store by executing an exceptional and tailored digital strategy.

How does Shopify drop shipping work?

Drop shipping works through four key stages. These consist of: 

  1. The customer placing an order from your Shopify store
  2. You will then transfer the order placed to the drop shipping provider
  3. The drop shipping supplier will prepare the order for the customer
  4. The order from the drop shipping supplier is then sent out directly to the customer

The Shopify store where the order was placed can sit back and relax when it comes to sending out orders. This is because the supplier handles the order fulfilment. There are many Shopify apps out there such as Oberlo that allow you to connect with drop shipping supplier’s. These apps can help connect you to a supply that will work best for your e-commerce store.

It’s a common misconception that drop shipping is a no-fuss, get-rich-quick strategy. To start, grow, and thrive as a successful booming brand, your Shopify business still needs your devotion and hard work. Drop shipping can be a reliable and efficient source of order fulfilment for your expanding business if done correctly. It is also important to have an effective marketing strategy in place to ensure your Shopify store is visible to your target audience.

Our Digital Team is an official Shopify Partner. We have helped a number of Shopify businesses grow into a flourishing and successful brand. We do this by using a wide variety of professional digital marketing tools and techniques that can be found on the shopify support page.

Benefits of Shopify drop shipping

There are a number of reasons to why drop shipping can be beneficial, this includes: 

  • Simple to start up
  • Convenient & easy to manage
  • Shopify helps to manage stock
  • No need for storage space as stock is held by suppliers
  • Flexible location, drop shipping suppliers can be anywhere as long as there’s good communication 
  • Less upfront capital required, less investment needed for upfront inventory

How can Our Digital Team assist you?

Our Digital Team is highly qualified in all aspects of digital marketing, and is an official Google and Shopify Partner. We know the ins and outs of ecommerce and ways Shopify stores can utilise drop shipping to make the most profit. We can help to expand your business through digital marketing by increasing brand visibility, establishing a clear brand image and driving relevant traffic to your website. You can find all this and much more on our shopify support page.

Why choose Our Digital Team?

We are a team of UK leading digital marketing experts built up with over 26 years of experience in the industry. We’ve worked with e-commerce businesses all around the world using Google and Shopify. Through this we have improved website traffic to all of our clients online stores. We take pride in knowing the most effective tactics to optimise your site for increased traffic and lead generation. Using a number of technologies, our team assists B2B and B2C organisations in generating more leads and revenue.

Contact us for Shopify drop shipping marketing

To discover more about drop shipping with Our Digital team, our services or how we can assist your business, please contact us. We will be happy to set up a free consultation with one of our UK leading digital marketing experts.

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