How do you make money on Shopify?

how do you make money on Shopify
How do you make money on Shopify?

Shopify is a great way to make money, whether you fancy a side hustle or want to create a scalable online store. You can sell all sorts of goods from clothing to art to appliances and more. The first thing you should know about making money on Shopify is that there is more than one way to monetise the platform.

Start an ecommerce store

One of the best and most popular uses of Shopify is its ability for users to quickly and simply set up an online store. For merchants who have built a blog or website on a different platform but want to add purchasing options, this is possible with Shopify lite. 

Drop shipping

Another great way to use Shopify to make money is with drop shipping. This is another increasingly popular method that has become an online selling phenomenon in recent years. Rather than purchasing and storing inventory yourself, drop shipping makes it possible for merchants to outsource products and shipping of orders made through their site. The benefits of this are that you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to store your goods or risk losing money on unsold inventory. Shopify even offers a service in partnership with Oberlo to get started.

Social media 

Social media can be a great revenue steam when used effectively. Shopify makes it possible for you to add ‘’buy now’’ call to action links on Instagram and Facebook posts, a great way to drive your target audience to your website. 

To find out more about making money on Shopify, get in touch with us where we can give you expert Shopify Partner advice on how to enhance and grow your online store. 

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