Candles & Home-Fragrance Digital Marketing Insights

Recent years have seen big changes in the ecommerce market for Candles & Home-Fragrance.

  • Covid-19 resulted in a spike in customer buying habits
  • Online searches have increased more than ever before
  • Issues with supply chains has been caused due to the Brexit

Touching on these developments, our team of leading UK digital marketing experts researched the ‘Candles & Fragrance’ market. We identified market trends and compared the ecommerce approach to brands.

The insights focus on generating more sales for your ecommerce brand and how to override competitors in the same market. This research is specifically for ecommerce brands using the ‘Shopify’ platform, as we wanted to refine our research as much as possible for the most effective results.

Insights for ‘Candles & Home-Fragrance’ ecommerce stores include:

Customer Behaviour: How and in what way are customers using a range of devices to search and buy online? How have their habits changed?

Website effectiveness: Which ‘Candles & Home-Fragrance’ brands are using ‘Shopify’ to their full potential? Which brands have the most logical ecommerce presence?

Organic search performance: Is your brand ranking high in Google? What can be done to take the lead against competitors?

Omnichannel Shopping: Which brands are using multiple channels effectively to increase brand awareness? How can you drive new customers from using multiple channels?

Paid Media: How is your ecommerce brand doing with paid search activity, display ads, remarketing and other paid channels compared with competitors?

Content Marketing: Is PR and SEO being correctly used to generate an effective social media output? How are your competitors using these elements to guide more customers to convert?

Our team of digital marketing experts are Shopify and Google partners with expertise in ecommerce brands. The results will be delivered to you via a short Google Meet or call if you prefer to go through the findings with you.

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