Shopify Email Marketing: Key Facts You Need To Know

In April 2020, Shopify Email debuted an email marketing application. When it was first released, the app and all sends were provided without charge until October 2020. Everything you need to know about Shopify’s new ESP project is covered in this article. We’ve got everything you need to know about Shopify email marketing here for you. 

What is Shopify Email marketing?

An easy-to-use email marketing tool for Shopify is called Shopify Email. Having the ability to deliver email campaigns without integrating with or exporting data to a third-party ESP which is essential for online businesses. 

What features does Shopify email have?

  • It has the majority of the typical features and reporting that you’d expect to find in any ESP, it seems basic but easy and straightforward.
  • Pre-set creative email templates that import your store settings allow you to get started almost immediately with no email coding required.
  • Automated and static campaign workflows that have already been developed
  • The platform was integrated directly into Shopify, creating a single experience that can be controlled from the main dashboard.
  • Easy to use interface for email marketing

How much does it cost?

Shopify email marketing up until October 1st, 2020, was offered without charge. After this date, every 1000 emails sent through Shopify Email costs $1. The first 2,500 emails can be sent for no cost. This is inexpensive if you’re a small business sending a few emails, but it’s actually pretty expensive if you’re a large merchant sending many emails.

One benefit of purchasing Shopify Email is that there is no expense or obligation over the long term; you may cancel at any moment.

What do email marketers need to be aware of? 

Shopify is not an ESP; they have built an email product. Although it may be incredibly easy, it’s crucial that Shopify merchants don’t just use Shopify Email out of convenience. Instead, carefully consider your ESP needs and make an informed choice about who you use for email sends.

With Shopify Email marketing, you need to be careful to take great care with deliverability. By monitoring your open, click, bounce, and garbage rates, you can keep an eye on where your inbox is placed and observe how your engagement varies. As you switch to Shopify Email, these are the main KPIs you should be keeping an eye on.

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