Sector Specific Digital Marketing

We are ecommerce experts with 26 years’ experience in digital marketing. We are Google and Shopify partners. We help your products reach the eyes of your target audience with sector specific Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is a competitive industry with competitors adapting all the time. Customer buying habits are constantly changing and keeping track of this is key.

Digital marketing has come a long with a lot of technical innovation. People are now using multiple devices across a range of different platforms. Seasonal shopping trends are always coming and going, and with changes in taste and what people find desirable. This makes it a mind field for the marketer, always having to keep up with the ever-changing.

We know as digital marketing experts it is difficult to keep tabs on all data and establish a digital strategy that will beat competitors. To assist this, we have put together a range of sector specific reports that are exclusive to Shopify customers and packed with digital marketing insights to improve digital marketing immediately.

Gym Wear Digital Marketing Insights

Gym Wear has come a long way. Lockdown drove more people to buy gym wear via ecommerce. Over 10,000 UK customers are actively searching for new gym wear in the UK every month. Find out how to earn a larger slice of this growing market.

Footwear Digital Marketing Insights

The footwear sector is a never-ending marketplace. From trainers to boots, heels to slippers, people have a constant demand and desire for new footwear. Competition becomes more intense by the week. Improving your digital marketing will attract new customers and gain sales. Find out how.

Pet Supplies Digital Marketing Insights

The UK’s love of family pets is enduring. Statistics for the growing demand for online pet supplies confirms this. Buying pet supplies from ecommerce companies is getting more popular than it has ever been before.  What can you do to generate more sales from UK pet owners?

Speciality Tea Digital Marketing Insights

Brits love a brew. That love for a cuppa is influencing online behaviour, with increased demand in the Speciality Tea Sector. Ambitious brands in the Speciality Tea sector have the potential to soak up these sales by acting upon our marketplace insights. Get yours.

Other Sector Digital Insights

Do you work in a sector that isn’t listed above but would be interested in up-to-date insights from a leading Shopify partner? Would you like to learn your competitors secrets and arm your marketing team with the knowhow to grow market share?

Get in touch and contact us via email at craig.johnson@ourdigitalteam.com or call us on 0161 883 3681 to discuss how we can work on this together.