Pet Supplies Digital Marketing Insights

There’s an ever-lasting love for family pets with continuing growth for online demand of pet supplies.

  • Customer demand for ‘Pet Supplies’ online has sky rocketed
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has had a spike on customer buying habits
  • Issues have been caused by supply chains that were set in place by Brexit

This resulted in changes to the online ‘Pet Supplies’ sector, giving us eager marketers no choice but to get researching. We used our leading UK expertise and digital marketing knowledge to pin down and evaluate market trends, identify wants and needs of target audiences and uncover pet supplies digital marketing insights .

The research headhunted ecommerce brands on the ‘Shopify’ platform only. The digital marketing findings contain key insights such as how to take lead in market share against pet supplies competitors and how to navigate towards more sales.

The Digital Marketing Insights include:

  • Customer Behaviour: How has the behaviour of ‘Pet supplies’ consumers changed over the last few year? How is the new digital age having an influence on companies to their ecommerce website?
  • Website effectiveness: Which pet supply companies are succeeding and are ranking in google search? Who is understanding and using Shopify to their full capacity?
  • Organic search performance: Who is preforming well in google rankings from the results of effective SEO? Why and how? What can other companies do to climb up the rankings?
  • Omnichannel Shopping: How are companies using multiple stores such as google shopping, Facebook stores and bing to generate more profit. How can companies use them more effectively? How can new customers be influenced to convert from the activities being made on these channels.
  • Paid MediaAre competitors reflecting back on their online activity such as display, paid search and remarketing to see if they are meeting their goal? How are you preforming against them?
  • Content Marketing: Is PR, SEO and the social media output being used to full advantage in order to target new customers efficiently? In what ways are your competitors using content marketing to make more sales?

The research has been conducted by some of the UK’s leading Digital Marketing ecommerce and Shopify partner experts. We will the pet supplies digital marketing insights via a webinar, which will be a short google meets or call. The data will be specifically for you and will elaborate on data for ways which your company can out do competitors.

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