Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the lifeblood of successful modern digital marketing. When practiced effectively it ensures consistency across multiple strands of digital marketing activity. Successful campaigns will impact a number of disciplines:

  • Search Engine Optimisation: The content within your SEO campaigns should be consistent with your content marketing activity.
  • Social Media Marketing: The subject matter for your posts is an integral part of any great campaign.
  • Email Marketing: The substance of your email campaigns is a consideration
  • Video Marketing: Effective video marketing reflects other strands of activity.
  • Outreach: This takes time and is often overlooked by marketers.
  • Online PR: This is a great way to boost campaign effectiveness.
  • Blogging: Your blog posts should reflect your content marketing campaigns.
  • Offline marketing: The activity should tie in with activities such as print campaigns, tradeshows, exhibitions and other important none digital events.

This can cause issues where organisations engage multiple disparate agencies to conduct the above digital marketing streams. Instead of following a central content plan it is typical for agencies to work in silos, often to the detriment of the client.

We plan content marketing campaigns that consider all of the above streams of work. The result is activity that it timed to perfection and ensures a consistent message to target audiences across multiple channels and devices. This is based on a publishing approach conducted by successful digital publishers such as the BBC, Sky and The Guardian.

This requires intensive planning and preparation. We prepare all activity three months in advance of publication. There is ample time for all content elements to be signed off and the campaigns are flexible to deal with unseen distractions.

What are the elements of an effective content marketing campaign?

A successful campaign will include a number of elements:

  • Consistency: Audiences should see a consistent message whenever they experience the content.
  • Multiple platforms: By ensuring that content is visible across all channels your campaign will be ‘Always-On’ to prospective audiences.
  • Multi-media: The great campaigns will include text, imagery, infographics, video and user generated content that convey a consistent theme.
  • Compelling subject matter: To drive engagement it is essential that the subject matter is compelling and that it is produced to enable visitors to quickly distil the message,
  • Calls to action: Effective campaigns provide utility for audience or encourage them to take a particular action.
  • Timing: Some channels get instant results whereas others take months to mature. Time all elements to reach audiences at the same time for maximum impact and a great response from your target audiences.

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