Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the lifeblood of successful modern digital marketing. When practiced correctly, it ensures consistency across multiple strands of digital marketing activity. Successful campaigns will encompass a number of disciplines:

  • Search Engine Optimisation: The content within your SEO campaigns should be consistent with your content marketing activity.
  • Social Media Marketing: The subject matter for your posts is an integral part of any great campaign.
  • Email Marketing: The substance of your email campaigns is a consideration
  • Video Marketing: Effective video marketing reflects other strands of activity.
  • Outreach: This takes time and is often overlooked by marketers.
  • Online PR: This is a great way to boost campaign effectiveness.
  • Blogging: Your blog posts should reflect your content marketing campaigns- visit our blog to see more tips.
  • Offline marketing: The activity should tie in with activities such as print campaigns, trade shows, exhibitions and other important non-digital events.

How our services benefit you:

Quality content is crucial in giving your customers a reason to stay on your site, and the more content available, the longer they will stay on the website. This is beneficial as it provides more opportunities to create trust and increase recognition of your brand amongst the target market. This plays a significant role in increasing conversion rates. 

Content marketing is a great way to improve search engine rankings. Our Digital Team uses it to increase the visibility of your site, thereby boosting site traffic which can lead to increased return on investment. Furthermore, we create optimised content that stands out from the crowd and really resonates with your audience- instrumental in keeping up with the everchanging trends of the digital environment.

Furthermore, our services can result in higher domain authority for your business. This is a significant because having higher domain authority means customers are more likely to trust your brand. It also increases the possibility of google ranking your site higher in organic search results.

Summary of benefits:

  • Increased quality and quantity of site traffic.
  • Higher ranking on search engines
  • More potential for conversions 
  • Improves the trust & reputation of your brand

How we can help with content marketing:

As Google and Shopify partners Our Digital Team now use an approach that is SEO friendly, maximising your opportunity to reap the benefits of content marketing. We plan content marketing campaigns that consider a variety of streams of work. The result of this is a consistent message projected to target audiences across multiple channels and devices. This is based on a publishing approach conducted by successful digital publishers such as the BBC, Sky and The Guardian.

To complete content marketing effectively, intensive planning and preparation is required. We prepare all activity up to three months in advance of publication. There is ample time for all content elements to be signed off which means that campaigns are flexible to deal with if any unprecidented circumstances arise.

What are the elements of an effective content marketing campaign?

A successful content strategy will include a number of elements:

  • Consistency: Audiences should see a consistent message whenever they experience the content.
  • Multiple platforms: By ensuring that content is visible across all channels your campaign will be ‘Always-On’ to prospective audiences.
  • Multimedia: The great campaigns will include text, imagery, infographics, video and user generated content that convey a consistent theme.
  • Compelling subject matter: To drive engagement it is essential that the subject matter is compelling and that it is produced to enable visitors to quickly distil the message,
  • Calls to action: Effective campaigns provide utility for the audience or encourage them to take a particular action.
  • Timing: Some channels get instant results whereas others take months to mature. Time all elements to reach audiences at the same time for maximum impact and a great response from your target audiences.

Our Digital Team are digital specialists with more than 25 years of digital experience. Our team is made up of award winning, qualified marketers who form a close-knit team. Each member of our team brings an array of skills and experience to the table. The team is made up of a mixture of creative work together in producing exceptional content, prolific in the execution of an effective digital marketing strategy.

We are passionate about creating content that grabs the audience’s attention, keeps them engaged and encourages their return. Our digital marketing services have optimised a variety of digital channels of clients. Some examples of our success in 2021 are our digital marketing services have led to an 500% increase in ecommerce sales for Electric Pedals and boosted search visibility of client steaklocker.com by 200%. 

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