Why you need a Shopify Partner

A Shopify Partner is a cultivated community of trusted Shopify experts. As Shopify Partners we are dedicated to actively pursue growth of our clients businesses. We do this by providing the highest quality services.

You may be wondering, if Shopify is created as an easy to use platform, why do I need a Shopify Partner? Put simply, although Shopify set up is straightforward, marketing is not. A Shopify partner can be at hand to provide expert advice and services. This could include optimising your sites pages for search engine optimisation. It could also involve developing your site to make it easier to navigate and ultimately increase conversion rate

What is a Shopify Partner?

A Shopify partner is someone who has entered a contract with Shopify. Generally, Shopify partners have excellent experience with the platform and are motivated to improve Shopify stores. 

On the other hand you have Shopify Experts these are slightly different to Shopify partners.. This title is earned by having a great track record of success with Shopify. In order to gain this status you have to provide 5 examples of shopify stores you have assisted in success. Once established as a Shopify Expert you are ranked into one of five categories. These include:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Web designers
  • Web developers
  • Set up experts
  • Photographers

Here at our digital team we are official Shopify Partners and digital marketing experts. You can read more about what we do as a shopify marketing agency on our service page.

Benefits of using a Shopify Partner

A Shopify Partner provides you with the opportunity to maximise the potential of your ecommerce business. This is because they can have expert knowledge of the Shopify platform and experience using it. Shopify partners get access to Shopify training, exclusive information regarding the platform, priority technical service and more.

So, how does this benefit you? As mentioned, being part of the shopify partner programme gives you additional insights. These insights provide some great benefits for your business. We have put together a list of the benefits Our Digital team provide for our clients:

Stand out from competitors

Shopify partners have the relevant knowledge and experience to edit, update and transform your shopify site using add on features. The benefit of this is that your site will look unique and will be more likely to stand out from the competition.

Increase growth

Partner agencies like Our Digital Team are there to understand the aims and objectives of your business. With this knowledge they can put together an action plan to help your store grow. This will allow your business to reach its full potential.

Access to exclusive resources

Another benefit of using a partner agency is that they have exclusive access to updates and resources. Other agencies not part of the programme will not have access to this. This means that with a Shopify Partner your store could have the latest features and updates.

Drive quality site visitors

As well as being Shopify Partners, Our Digital Team are SEO experts. This expert knowledge gives us an upper hand against other agencies. This is because we seed our SEO best practices within your Shopify Store. This in turn can improve your sites ranking on search engines and ultimately lead to higher levels of quality traffic visiting your site.

Increase conversions

With the help of Our Digital Team as your chosen Shopify Partner and digital marketing experts we can increase conversions. If you let us know your goals, we will create an action oriented plan. This will strategically aim to increase your desired conversions. Conversion rate optimisation is a crucial part of effective digital business. Ultimately, with our help we can work to reduce cart abandonment rates and drive sales.

So, there you have it, the reasons why we think a Shopify Partner is a great solution to growing your ecommerce business. With the assistance of a Shopify Agency your business has the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, grow and improve your return on investment through increase site visitors and better conversion rates. 

Summary of why you need a Shopify Partner

We hope this article has given you an insight into the amazing benefits of using a Shopify Partner Agency. It is an efficient way to optimise your ecommerce store. Our Digital Team is driven by generating fantastic results for our Shopify Merchants. To find out how we can help your business, contact us. Let’s get started on your digital journey to success with a free 15 minute consultation today.

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