How To Increase Conversion Rate Shopify?

A conversion is a desired action that can take a variety of forms which vary from business to business. Some typical examples of conversion rate targets relate to sale of products, email or newsletter subscriptions, memberships registrations and so on. This article aims to answer the key question, how to increase conversion rate shopify?

The conversion rate is the amount of page visitors who have completed the desired action and therefore converted to becoming customers. A tactic to improve conversion rates is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)  which focuses on increasing the percentage of site visitors into customers. CRO is significant because very few customers convert on their first visit to a site, meaning without optimising your conversion rate, your Shopify site could be missing out on potential sales.

‘’ 81% of sales happen after 7 or more interactions’’


Instead of focusing on driving people to your site, focus on increasing your conversion rate. This is because although it is incredibly important to have site visitors, the traffic must be high quality. If the visitors do not purchase anything, all of your time, money and efforts to get them to the site are wasted. 

In this article we are going to discuss the importance of conversion rate optimisation in Shopify, how to do it and why having a digital marketing agency on board can maximise your chances of success.

Why you should know how to increase conversion rate Shopify

Ultimately, conversion rates reflect how well your ecommerce site is doing. A low conversion rate suggests that consumers are leaving your website for a reason. The hard part is identifying what the reason is. Statistics show that up to 98% of site visitors leave without buying anything at all. Although this is a large figure, it provides an excellent opportunity whereby different marketing methods can be used to encourage customers to revisit your site and make a purchase. 

CRO is often complimented by the use of other digital marketing activities such as search engine optimisation (SEO), Social media advertising and email marketing. The combination of different marketing strategies is key in maximising your return on investment. A combination of marketing methods increases the likelihood of achieving the best results, here’s why:

Search Engine Optimisation

This plays a key role in conversion rate optimisation on Shopify. Effective SEO helps to improve your site’s organic search engine results. This increases the visibility of your page to the target audience and the quality of visits to your site. Therefore SEO is a vital element of converting potential customers.

Social media advertising: 

Social media can be a very effective way to retarget potential customers who have already demonstrated an interest in your site or product. 70% of consumers are more likely to convert when retargeted.  Using cookies you can track your site visitors and target them on social media based on their previous interactions. This tactic has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 150%. 

Email advertising

Similarly to social media advertising, emails are a great way to increase conversions. they work by encouraging existing customers to return to the site and purchase again. We recommend using email marketing to promote relevant offers and promotions to drive relevant traffic to your site.

How to increase conversion rate Shopify Checklist

These different marketing methods can improve conversion rates through retargeting. There are also other important elements that must be considered in order to maximise your conversion rate.

A good user experience is critical in converting site visitors into customers. This is because if your site is unappealing, hard to navigate or has a slow load time, the chances of your target audience remaining on the site are slim. This is bad for your website because it leads to a higher bounce rate and less conversions. this begs the question, ‘how do I make sure my site visitors have a good user experience?’ We have created a checklist of our top 4 ways to improve a users experience with your website:

Is your product page optimised?

It’s crucial to take pride in your product, you can do this by giving it a lengthy and clear description. We suggest this so that the customers know exactly what to expect from your item. Another way to encourage conversions is by including reviews which helps to build trust of your product and brand.

Are you using a Call to Action?

Examples of Calls to action include ‘add to basket’ or ‘Sign up to our email newsletter and receive 10% off your first order’. The purpose of CTA’s is to encourage customers to complete the action and engage with your brand.

Is your checkout process smooth?

A smooth and easy checkout process is critical in avoiding high cart abandonment rates at checkout. Statistics show that a longer checkout process can have a significant impact on abandonment rates. 34% of shoppers abandon checkout because they are forced to create an account.

Have you applied A/B Testing? 

A/B testing involves a process of showing two different variants of the same web page to different segments of the site’s visitors whilst comparing which variant drives the most conversions. It involves coming up with hypotheses to improve your Shopify store which identifies your target audience’s wants and needs. It is very much a process of trial and error, but can be a great way to improve your site.

Our Digital Team is are a specialist Shopify marketing agency who have successfully applied A/B testing to a variety of clients to increase their conversion rates through developing their Shopify store to improve users experience.

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We understand all of this information on how to increase conversion rate Shopify can be overwhelming. As an official Shopify partner, we see it as our job to help improve your online store. We want to offer advice on optimising you conversion rates and how we can help. Our Digital Team are currently offering a free 15 minute consultation so please do not hesitate to contact us and start your conversion rate optimisation journey today.

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