Shopify Website Design

Shopify is a software that gives you complete control over how your online store looks, as well as how it feels allowing you to create the perfect Shopify website design. Using Shopify gives you the chance to create a website to your style and taste so that it looks exactly how you want. This is a designer-friendly software, which allows you to use any text editor to help assist with editing template files. You are then able to sync all your edits and changes to your live store, so you can then go ahead and test your new website design. 

Shopify website design advantages

Quick and easy to set up 

Shopify provides an easy solution for anyone wanting to quickly set up an online store with ease. Shopify interface is very clean and easy to use for anyone starting out, all Shopify features are structured logically so that it is easy to navigate your way around. There are lots of different videos and guides provided on the Shopify site if you feel you need a bit of guidance to get going. 

Customisable & visually appealing 

There are so many different themes to choose from which is what we love about the Shopify website design, some you have to pay for and some are free. All themes are mobile responsive, as well as being available on sites 

such as ThemeForest. Every theme can be easily customised through an editing code. Therefore, creating your own site that is different from the rest should be easy.

SEO & marketing tools

Other than having good Shopify website design features, Shopify also has good SEO features that are there to help you rank higher in search results. Shopify also gives you access to a wide range of marketing, social media, and product review tools. There is a Shopify kit that has been designed to help anyone who may feel overwhelmed by the digital marketing world, it acts as a virtual employee to recommend any marketing features that may benefit your store. 

Shopify website design tips 

Here are some Shopify website design tips, to help you feel like you’re getting the most from your Shopify website: 

  • Make sure you choose the right theme so that it fits with your business
  • Take advantage of apps to help build your site
  • Ensure that your site loads quickly 
  • Make good use of visuals on your site such as photos and videos 
  • Add different elements so that they connect with leads such as social media buttons
  • Don’t overload your site with too many design features, so you can avoid overcrowding


Creating the right website can really benefit your digital marketing efforts, as it is crucial in helping your business grow online. Using a platform such as Shopify to build your online website, is the perfect way to do so. Shopify website design is easy enough for anyone to use, even beginners, providing you with endless amounts of control and features to create the website you desire. 

Wix vs Shopify SEO 

Wix vs Shopify SEO 

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