Google Shopping Campaigns – How To Target Your Customer

If you are an ecommerce company, shopping campaigns can be your business’s best friend. Shopping campaigns are great to promote your products by giving your customer the essential information before they even click on the product. 

Google Shopping campaigns are part of Google’s many functions as a search engine. The Ad’s which you can create in Google Shopping can pull customers in by giving them exactly what they want to know, without wasting time searching. One of the best things about Google Shopping ads is that they appear in Google search whenever a customer searches for a product. Once a customer has clicked on an ad, it will take them to the product page which the ad is linked to. 

Google Shopping Ads show the following:

  • Product title
  • Price
  • Product image 
  • Reviews
  • Shipping information 

Another great feature about using Google Shopping campaigns is that Google Ads are available in 94 different countries. This means that as an ecommerce company, sales could reach high scales. 

What are the benefits of using Google Shopping campaigns?

  1. Visibility: Google Shopping campaigns increase a product’s visibility on Google Search dramatically. Google Shopping Ads are more visually appealing than basic Google Search Ads, as they show the customer an image of the product at first glance. Google Shopping also targets each relevant keyword to the product, which can provide completely new keywords to use.
  2. Automation: The automation process which Google updates the ads to will add the necessary product information needed from the product feed. This means that the product feed interacts regularly with your online store and will change any information about the product if there have been any changes made. This reduces time spent creating copy and changing the ads manually.
  3. Benchmarking competition: As with any marketing strategy, it is important to scope out competitors. Google Shopping is no exception. Whilst creating Google Shopping campaigns, you can benchmark your results against competitors. This analysis provides valuable insights into how to improve ads against others so that you have improved results. This can be an extremely useful tool to keep your business ahead of your competitors. 
  4. Improves SEO: By using relevant keywords, with high search volumes, in your Google Shopping ads, you can increase your websites rankings in Google. Any new keyword data gathered whilst the ads are running can be used for future products and establish more organic visibility for your site. 
  5. Use of Google Analytics: Analytics are the best way to see your ads are doing successful, and to see if you are seeing a positive ROI. By using certain tactics such as tracking your online store, you can see what behaviours customers do once they have clicked on an ad. 

How do Google Shopping campaigns work?

When Google Shopping Ads are live, Google will utilise a product feed from Google Merchant Center. This contains all of your store’s products and information to create ads dependent on consumer queries and behaviour. Google will then choose which products should be advertised and the ad’s are created to match the queries. To make your ads stand out from your competitors, you will want to make sure ads have clear, high quality images and high rating reviews. 

What is the process of Google Shopping Campaigns?

  1. Creating a Google Merchant Center account
  2. Create the product feed and campaign
  3. Customers find your product / business from searching for products relevant to what you are selling
  4. Google then creates these ads and shows the customer
  5. The customer clicks on the ad and is taken your business page
  6. Search converts to a purchase if successful 
  7. You are then charged for the click

Why to use a Google Shopping campaigns agency:

Google Shopping campaigns are one of the most effective tools you can use for an ecommerce website. Whether you are wanting more visibility, increase in sales or automated advertising, Google Shopping can be extremely useful. Our Digital Team are a digital marketing agency expert in Google Shopping management.

Google Shopping Management Services:

We handle all aspects of Google Shopping Management, from optimising your product feeds and images to the management of your bidding strategy. Our team of digital marketing professionals collaborate to provide a best in class experience to customers:

  • Developers ensure that your product feed is up to date. They also add essential variables to the Google Merchant Centre. These variables include sizes, colours, styles, prices, shipping information, stock availability and product numbers. Integrating stock management and EPOS systems means our team can make sure that your feed is updated in line with changing stock levels. This is important to make sure your campaign is always up to date.
  • Copy writers and SEO professionals enhance the content within your product feeds. This is to make sure that your product titles and descriptions are optimised for the phrases used by potential customers.  By implementing changes to the text, and adding compelling imagery, we aim to maximise exposure when a customer searches for your products.
  • Our Google Advertising professionals will implement a bidding strategy that aims to maximise exposure and ensure the campaigns deliver a great return on investment.
  • Conversion rate optimisation professionals analyse your website analytics to understand buyer behaviour. My monitoring customer activity on the site they can suggest changes to maximise the conversion rate.

The benefits of our google shopping management: 

  • Grabs your audiences attention. This is because it clearly displays images of your product. Statistics show that 65% of people will remember a picture of product over text about one. 
  • Increased site visibility. Google shopping appears in search engine results before any other websites. This means more of the target audience will see your site.
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased return on investment

What makes us effective at google shopping management:

As Google partners, Our Digital Team have had to prove dedication to becoming and staying experts on Google’s ad platform. Our team has unmatched expertise and keeps up with industry changes and updates to ensure we provide the best service we can. The team is made up of some of the leading digital experts in the UK with 25 years experience. We strive for exceptional results in all of our marketing services, which is what makes us an award winning, qualified team.

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