Etsy SEO: Tips and Tricks

Etsy SEO allows you to improve your listings and your store, which in time will help to boost the visibility of your Etsy search results pages. Search engine optimisation for Etsy works in a similar way to Google. When it comes to Etsy SEO the search engine needs to know what your listing is about this can be done through the use of the title of your listings, description and category. 

Here are some things we think you need to know to help drive customers to your Esty listings.

Use the relevant keywords and tags in your listings 

One of the biggest parts of SEO is the keywords, which isn’t any different when it comes to Etsy SEO. Sometimes your primary keyword might be obvious, but other times you might need to do some research. Your primary keyword will most likely be the most relevant, this should be included at the very beginning of your titles, as this is the thing that Etsy regards as the most important. 

Avoid keyword stuffing 

With the way that Esty’s algorithm works, it won’t display one or two listings from a particular buyer regardless of how well the match is. The reason for this is that Etsy works but de-clumping, which ensures that a variety of different shops appear in the search results. Due to the de-clumping, this means that you should not use the same primary keyword for multiple items, as this will then mean that you will be competing with yourself. 

Use all 13 tags for each listing 

There are certain fields that are required to be filled out when you are setting up a product listing including the title, category and description. These fields are mandatory to be filled out. However, you will find that the tags section is not mandatory, but it is essential to include various tags. Including a variety of tags is needed to be able to fully optimise your listing, you can use 13 tags, and it is suggested to use all of them. 

Front-load listings with keywords

Within your listing, it is important to include the keywords you want to rank for at the beginning of every field when creating a new listing. This helps Etsy SEO to determine which items fit within a user’s search term, as well as helping to catch the shopper’s attention. 

Renew your listings 

When you first create a new listing on Etsy, it gains a small, but temporary boost in search results. This is part of how Etsy works in learning more about buyers’ interactions so that it can then determine the listing’s quality score. If you renew your listing, it will gain a boost, but one that is slightly smaller than when you first created the listing. 

This is not seen as a long-term Etsy SEO strategy, but it can work well in boosting certain listings and at certain times. If the keyword you have chosen to focus on is competitive, it can always be helpful to have that extra boost, more so during peak times such as during the holidays. 

Gain inbound links by promoting your shop 

Google’s search engine algorithms and Etsy’s provide relevant results by displaying pages or listings that are frequently linked to other sites. You should try and gain linking opportunities for well-trafficked and authoritative sites, as this will help you to rank higher, when it comes to inbound links it is about quality, not quantity. 

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