Google Ads YouTube Campaigns: How You Can Target Your Audience Effectively

If you are looking for new and engaging ways to attract customers to your website, or to purchase products, using Google Ads YouTube Campaigns can be a unique way to engage with your target audience. But, why is YouTube a good platform to advertise on? YouTube has approximately 122 million users per day. If you think about how many customers you could reach, it could be very beneficial to your company.

How can you make the most of Google Ads YouTube campaigns?

Choosing your audience

When creating your Google Ads, you will want to consider your potential audience, who you want them to be and how you will want to resonate with them. With this, you will want to get your audience hooked. Use different frames, visually pleasing images, videos with people on. 

Make sure your brand is visible

You will want to make sure that your brand or product is present within the first five seconds of the ad playing. Including your brand early on and then throughout the video will make sure there is enough time to resonate with the brand name and logo.

Connect with your audience

Connecting with your audience by adding a sense of storytelling or messaging in Google Ads YouTube campaigns will make your audience feel something about your brand. You can do this by using a first- person perspective to show the audience how it can relate to them and by making sure there is a message behind the story. For example; using people of the same demographic within the video, will resonate with the viewer more. 

Include a direct ‘Call to Action’

By the end of your ad, you will have wanted to successfully drive your audience to your website or product page. Using a strong call to action, for example, ‘Buy now’ or ‘Visit our website’, will reinforce the message of the purpose of the ad. By adding urgency to the call to action such as ‘limited time only’ or ‘Sale ends midnight’, will suggest that there is an element of importance for the audience to visit your site. 

Measure your success

After your ad has been live, you will be able to find out how successful it is. This will show if it is reaching your target audience. You will be able to do this by visiting the Analytics section of your YouTube account. From your results, you will be able to see which videos are working best and which customers are interacting with.

Choose your Ad format

There are different ad formats on Google Ads YouTube campaigns which target different types of goals:

  • Non skippable video ads
  • Skippable video ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Bumper ads

Depending on what your goal is from the ad, will depend on which format you choose. For example, a non skippable video would be more effective, as the audience is almost forced to remain watching in order to carry on watching a YouTube video. This will catch and retain attention more than a video which they can skip after 5 seconds. 

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