Free Advertising on Google – How to Target Your Audience For Free

When you think of the word advertising, you may think of paid methods of advertising. This is not always the case. There are ways of advertising your business and products without spending a lot of money on pay-per-click adverts and Google Shopping. Consumers use Google for just about anything, so making sure your business gains exposure can really help increase traffic and conversions. 

But how can you gain free advertising on Google?

Create useful and engaging content

Creating engaging content is possibly one of the best ways to advertise for free on Google. By creating relevant blog posts and website pages, your ideal customer will be able to find you organically, which will then create a sense of trustworthiness. Relevant content on your website using SEO best practice will also help your website rank higher in search results. 

Getting Google My Business reviews

Having reviews on your business’ Google listing is another way of ensuring trust and reliability to future customers. If a customer can see that the product or service which you offer is of good quality, this instils a level of reassurance and can sway a customer to invest in your service over a competitor.

List your business on national directories

Listing your business on directories is a really effective form of advertising for little to no cost. Directories such as TripAdvisor and Yelp have been around for years, and are trusted by consumers. Listing your business in local and national directories is also a great backlinking exercise, meaning that Google will class your business as more trustworthy.

Posting guest posts on high authority websites

If you have written a blog post, or an article, relevant to your business, then submitting this to a high authority website with a wide audience could get your website significant exposure on Google. Make sure to pick a credible, well known site that Google ranks highly as this will increase your website’s ranking too. 

Other ways to advertise your business for free:

Regularly posting on social media

By regularly posting on social media platforms, there will be another level of credibility added to your brand. A lot of consumers use social media now as a part of their consumer journey to either buying a product or using a service. Being active on social media can also help your consumer choose your company over another competitor. Use platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your blog post content to encourage engagement. Use Instagram to show new product launches, services and to produce exciting video content such as Reels. Using all of these platforms is free and will get you exposure for your target audience, whilst also driving traffic to your website and improving credibility.

Run a giveaway on social media

Social media giveaways are a great way to gain engagement with new and existing followers. If you are relatively new to a social platform, or have a new service or product coming, giveaways are a good idea to generate excitement and get free business promotion. Often, people will be tagging friends with similar interests, so you will be reaching more of your target audience.

Submit a press release to local newspapers or magazines

If you have some exciting and interesting news about your business, submitting a press release to local newspapers or magazines is another effective form of free advertising. This will get your business in front of the eyes of more people than just social media and install a sense of reliability. 

If you need help with your business’s marketing strategy, and would like to effectively target your audience, using a dedicated marketing agency will help you gain conversions and leads.

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Our Digital Team are experts in digital marketing. We have the essential skills and experience to develop social media advertising campaigns that stand out against competitors. Our team is made up of qualified, award winning marketers with 25 years of digital experience. With our help, the possibilities for your business are endless. The team strives for exceptional results in everything we do. With our help one of our clients: BrasandHoney.com has been able to expand into new markets, including the USA.

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