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If you are looking for an Ecommerce PPC management agency to help your business strategy, Our Digital Team can help. An Ecommerce PPC strategy consists of online advertising for an online store to promote both the business and its products. This is done by using paid ads found on any of the following:

  • Search engines/ SERPS (Google, Bing etc)
  • Social Media Networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Other websites
  • Apps

So, what is Ecommerce PPC Management?

If you are not familiar with what PPC is short for, it stands for ‘pay per click’. Ecommerce PPC management is the activity of setting up, managing and then optimising your website’s PPC campaign.

Using ecommerce PPC management is extremely useful for your business as it is extremely data driven. You can target your chosen audience accurately through optimization, testing and scaling through whichever platform you choose to advertise on.

Advantages of using an Ecommerce PPC Management Agency

There are many different advantages of using ecommerce PPC management to ensure that your adverts are being effectively targeted. You will often be able to tell if your PPC campaigns are paying off if you see an increase in revenue sales or website traffic.

The advantages:

  • Advanced targeting: As previously mentioned, Ecommerce PPC ads are highly effective in targeting. You can advertise to customers which you know are genuinely interested in the product which you are advertising. For example; if the product you are selling is black heeled boots, you could choose to target the keyword which people have searched for ‘black boots’ or visited pages involving those keywords.
  • Drive revenue: PPC campaigns are great ways to boost your website’s traffic and revenue as it drives customers directly to your products or services.
  • Measurable results: One of the best things about PPC management is that you can measure the results from the campaign and then alter it accordingly. This is also great because you can see that the campaign is working.
  • Platform options: You can choose which platform to advertise on. Whether it is SERP, social media or Google Display Ads (these are available on over 35 million websites)
  • You can keep track of your spend and budget: If you only have a certain budget for advertising, PPC will be the perfect option for you. PPC allows you to set a maximum monthly budget, so once you have reached that, no more will be spent. You will only have to pay for the ads which have been clicked on too.

How can Our Digital Team help your business with Ecommerce PPC Management?

Here at Our Digital Team, we offer a range of PPC related services for online businesses. You may be wondering, what are the benefits of using a PPC management agency?

  • PPC campaigns usually run on a monthly basis, however they can be flexible depending on your budget and spend.
  • Maximise return on investment
  • Increase in website traffic and drive
  • Fees are dependant on the amount of Ad clicks
  • Offers effective, short term results
  • Increase in conversion rates/ revenue
  • Target and choose audience
  • Customised and tailored to your website and goals

If you are interested in using an ecommerce PPC management agency, and would like to see how Our Digital Team can help you, get in touch today. Before we start any PPC advertising, we will complete an SEO audit for your business, this will show us which keywords will reach your audience best and optimise your adverts. This will then lead us to a PPC marketing campaign which will be developed with your end goal in mind.

During the PPC campaign, we will keep track of the ad to make sure it is effective. Keeping track on the campaigns analytics also allows us to make any changes and improvements whilst the Ad is live and enhance it. By investing in our PPC management agency, you will save yourself time and resources in the long run and see instant results.

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PPC Expert: How to become one

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