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What makes a good Ecommerce agency? What even is one?

We answer these questions so when the time comes for you to choose, you know exactly what to look for. More importantly, you will feel confident you’ve chosen the right company to help you achieve your Ecommerce goals.

What is an Ecommerce agency?

An Ecommerce agency helps put your business’s products or services in front of the right audience at the right time. Through the implementation of SEO, paid advertising, email marketing and more, a good ecommerce agency can achieve your Ecommerce goals, accelerating your brand. Making the customer journey as easy and user friendly as possible is the way to meet these goals. An Ecommerce agency do this through a combination of technical and digital marketing skills to make the customer journey easy, the user experience positive and the website search engine friendly.

What makes a good Ecommerce agency?

There are multiple factors that come together to make a top Ecommerce agency. The first is experience in the industry. This has a impact on the outcome of your investment as experience gives an agency a better insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Another factor to take into consideration is past or current clients. This can normally be found on the agency’s website in the ‘our work’ or ‘case studies’ section. A good Ecommerce agency will show how they helped their clients and display the results they produced.

Lastly, the agency shouldn’t just be trying to get you into a contract or payment immediately. Instead, they should be sitting down with you to discuss what areas of your website they think you could improve on and how they could rectify this for you in a clearly defined time frame.

Other factors can also influence what makes a good Ecommerce agency, however, we think these are the most crucial points you should be looking out for when choosing an Ecommerce agency.

What ‘Our Digital Team’ can do for your business.

Whether you’re on Shopify, Wix or any other platform, we will present you with a full site audit completed by our team of specialists who have over 25 years experience. We will then share these insights with you in a free consultation. During the consultation, we will cover any improvements identified that could be made to generate growth to your business. Next, we will discuss a strategy to help you achieve your Ecommerce goals completely free of charge. Our Digital Team are an agency like no other, we are results driven and client focused.

In our experience, after presenting prospective clients with our findings, more often than not, these clients get onboard as they trust us to execute an effective digital strategy.

Discover the digital marketing services we offer or get in contact with us today for more information. For your free site audit fill out the form below.

Shopify or Wix

Shopify or Wix

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