B2b Social Media Marketing

What is b2b social media marketing?

Business-to-business is referred to as B2B. B2B social media marketing uses social platforms to promote goods and services to potential customers and clients in the business world.  B2C companies’ marketers utilise social media to communicate with customers and sway decisions. But for B2B marketing to be successful, a different strategy is needed. Reaching business owners and decision-makers requires more strategic thinking on the part of B2B marketers. They then foster connections that might result in significant purchase agreements. Every social media platform has a place in B2B marketing. However, a B2B social media strategy would differ from a consumer-focused strategy in terms of content kind and balance.

How to create a b2b social media marketing strategy 

Align goals with business objectives 

When creating your very one b2b social media marketing strategy you need to firstly work out what your company’s business objectives are, and secondly work out how a b2b social media marketing strategy plan will help to achieve them. 

Identify social opportunities

For your strategy to work you need to be able to see where your opportunities lie, as well as where there might be weaknesses, so you can make changes accordingly. A useful framework to use to identify these social opportunities would be the SWOT framework, where you will be able to clearly identify:

  • Strengths 
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats 

Your customers 

Every marketer needs to be aware of their target audience. A social media marketing strategy for businesses is similar. However, only 56% of B2B content marketers utilise personas as a guide when creating content. This creates the perfect opportunity to get ahead. You can then easily incorporate B2B social media marketing practices, by creating an audience and buyer personas. Knowing who your buyer personas are means you can create social content that speaks to your intended audience. 

Use the right social media platforms 

The top platform that B2B content marketers tend to use is LinkedIn, it is seen to be one of the top-performing organic platforms. You should always start off by looking at the demographics of each social media platform, then start to look into your audience research, to make sure you’re using the right platforms. Separate channels could also be useful for various markets, products, and industry sectors.

Create a new angle for B2B content 

In the long run, B2B social media is about creating relationships and generating sales. But the essential phrase is “long term.” If your content doesn’t appeal to them, followers won’t stick around. Therefore, don’t let B2B’s reputation for dry material discourage you. It’s always good to share important information and to inform people about products, but you shouldn’t let this be the primary focus of your social media channels. It’s all about creating a new angle, into making your followers they need your product to make their work lives easier and more enjoyable. 

How Our Digital Team can help you with your B2B social media marketing strategy

There are so many different benefits that come from B2B social media marketing. Firstly you are able to bring new people to your business, website and to the products you’re trying to sell. However, you are not going to create new customers if your content is not relevant. This is where here at Our Digital Team we are able to create unique social media marketing strategies, to help you achieve the results you want. 

If you’d like to know about how you can improve your B2B social media marketing strategy, you can contact us today and book in for a free consultation.

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