The Top 5 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins for Your Online Store

Creating a successful online store with WordPress is a breeze, thanks to the wide range of ecommerce plugins available. These plugins empower you to transform your website into a robust online selling platform with ease. To help you choose the best ones for your business, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 WordPress ecommerce plugins.


WooCommerce is the undisputed king of WordPress ecommerce plugins. It’s an open-source solution that powers millions of online stores worldwide. With WooCommerce, you can sell physical and digital products, set up product variations, and offer flexible shipping and payment options. Its extensive library of add-ons allows you to customize your store to suit your unique needs. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, WooCommerce is highly scalable and adaptable.

Easy Digital Downloads

If your primary focus is selling digital products like e-books, software, or music, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is the plugin for you. This user-friendly plugin simplifies the process of selling digital goods, offering features such as file access control, discount codes, and detailed sales and earnings reports. EDD also boasts a large library of extensions, making it a versatile choice for those in the digital goods market.


BigCommerce is a robust ecommerce platform that seamlessly integrates with WordPress, providing a feature-rich solution for online stores. This plugin offers powerful tools for building and managing your store, including inventory management, shipping and payment gateways, and marketing features. BigCommerce is an excellent choice if you require advanced ecommerce capabilities but want to leverage the user-friendly WordPress platform for content management.

WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is a free and open-source plugin that allows you to build a fully functional online store with ease. It offers various features, including a wide range of payment gateways, tax and shipping options, and customizable templates. WP eCommerce is perfect for small businesses looking to get started quickly and for those who want a simple and cost-effective solution for their online store.

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with WordPress and other website builders. With Ecwid, you can create an online store and embed it on your existing website, allowing for a straightforward and efficient setup process. This plugin offers mobile-responsive designs, multi-currency support, and social media integration, making it an excellent choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for an uncomplicated way to start selling online.

WordPress Ecommerce Plugins Summary

In conclusion, the choice of the best WordPress ecommerce plugin for your online store depends on your specific needs and goals. WooCommerce is the go-to option for most online store owners, as it offers a wealth of features and a large community of users. Easy Digital Downloads is perfect for those selling digital products, while BigCommerce provides advanced ecommerce features for larger businesses. WP eCommerce is a budget-friendly solution for small enterprises, and Ecwid offers a straightforward setup process with cloud-based benefits.

How To Use WordPress

How To Use WordPress

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