Shopify Website Examples: Our Top 3 

Our Digital Team is a certified Shopify partner with years of experience working with a variety of Shopify stores. We wanted to share our top 3 Shopify website examples so you can see what a successful Shopify store should look like.

Each store is from a completely different industry, one is within the eco friendly paint sector, the next is in the food appliance industry and finally, we have a fashion ecommerce store, that with Shopify have been able to scale their business into new markets including the US.

Shopify Website Examples:

We have selected 3 of our favourite Shopify Website Examples that we have worked on. The design and complexity of each store differs from business to business. This demonstrates the versatility of Shopify. It has a great ability to create a completely unique and customisable ecommerce site allowing your brand to stand out from competitors. Our three examples cover a paint brand, kitchen appliance brand and a fashion retailer:

Victory Colours

The first of our Shopify Website Examples is Victory Colours ecommerce store. Victory Colours have created a range of paints. They are unique in their use of paint ingreidtnats that contain no animal derived products, minimal VOCs and are toxic free. 

The Shopify store itself stands out from competitors by having a clear brand image. Other reasons why this is one of our top Shopify websites is due to its fast load speed, aesthetically pleasing pages and it’s easy to navigate site architecture. This has been achieved through a well laid out and clearly labelled navigation menu at the top of the page.

Other additional features on this Shopify store design include a search bar, shopping cart, social media pages and the opportunity to message the brand or give feedback.

Steak Locker

Next we have SteakLocker.com who provide kitchen appliances for the professional cook or residential chef, suitable for in the home or in restaurants. These products are used to dry age food products such as charcuterie, meats and cheese.

Steak Locker has a simple, sleek and professional Shopify store design which is why we love it. It doesn’t feel the need to cram too much stuff into its web pages that can make the site confusing and unappealing. The site is easy to navigate and clearly displays product images and information such as the price and features of each product. An additional; benefit of a simple site is that it has a great load speed.

Load speed is an incredibly important element of any website, but particularly on Shopify stores as consumers will simply exit the site if the site takes a while to load. The problem with this is that it increases your sites bounce rate and damaging your search engine optimisation by limiting the visibility of your site

Bras and Honey

Last but by no means least on our top 3 is brasandhoney.com a fashion brand specialising in lingerie. Starting out in the UK, using Shopify and Our Digital Teams other digital services, Bras and Honey have been able to expand into new markets such as the USA. 

Bras and Honey use Shopify as a platform to host their ecommerce site that stocks hundreds of products in a variety of colours and sizes. Their site is bespoke making it stand out from competition with its unique design. It has a clear menu and navigation with additional pop ups of discount offers when applicable. It also has the addition of a call to action button. This is a great addition as it encourages site visitors to sign up to the email newsletter in return for a 10% discount code.

What makes an effective Shopify store?

These Shopify website examples show just 3 sites that effectively use Shopify to host their online store. From these examples we can see that the key components of an effective Shopify store include the site aesthetic, fast load time, ease of navigation and the addition of features that will encourage visitors to make certain actions. 

Big business Shopify Website Examples

So now we have listed our top 3 Shopify stores. We wanted to share with you some famous brands that use Shopify as the platform to host their online store that you most likely heard of.

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