Shopify themes: Importance of customisation

With more than 1 million ecommerce businesses currently using Shopify to present their online store, Shopify themes have never been more popular. Some of the most successful brands use Shopify. If you look at the websites of Kylie Cosmetics, Heinz, Lindt and Nescafe you’ll see familiar Shopify features presented in a way that makes the brand unmistakable. It’s the Shopify themes that set each brand apart.


There are many different layouts and features to choose from, giving Shopify businesses the opportunity to explore, be creative and discover what works best for their website. Whilst most Shopify themes are free, the rest are at an affordable rate making the Shopify ecommerce experience even better.

What makes a great Shopify Theme?

A great Shopify Theme needs to balance a number of requirements to make it fit for purpose:

  • It needs to be easy to use
  • It should be quick to load, and score well for ‘Google’s Core Web Vitals’
  • It must be usable on a number of different digital devices
  • It should complement the type of product sold, and show off product features such as imagery, video, technical information to potential customers
  • The look and feel should complement the brand colour scheme,, fonts and company logo
  • It should be built with ‘SEO’ in mind, comply with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and include features such as Schema Mark-Up
  • It should be built to handle upgrades in Shopify features and functionality

The average attention spam for a website user is around 8 seconds. This is the amount of time a user will spend to suss out the overall look and feel of the website before they get distracted by something else and leave. This is why for ecommerce businesses; initial attraction is highly important.

Initial attraction is the make or break for most incoming visitors and it will determine the trust that the visitor will feel between themselves and a website. Meaning website design and layout will be the first noticeable aspect that will determine if a visitor wants to stay on that site or not. After all, first impressions count.

As businesses try to make their Shopify website as attractive as possible for new and existing customers, they also need to take into consideration how well matched the theme is to the products or services they are selling. For example, a fashion brand will typically not use the same theme as say a food brand. This is because the product and Shopify theme need to both be aligned to compliment each other. Therefore, although themes are great, when used wrong, your ecommerce business could be unsuccessful.

Having a poorly executed website can damage your brands success, leaving them with no other choice but to look elsewhere as they cannot find what they are after. This is why Shopify is on the rise in becoming the go to ecommerce platform. The overall theme projects the atmosphere of a website. If the atmosphere is off and unmatched the visitor will not want to stay around. They will leave as soon as they get the chance.

Therefore, by using Shopify themes, you are more than likely guaranteed an effective and aesthetically pleasing website designed to attracted and convert new customers as well as existing ones.

Do you need help with Shopify themes?

To summarise, you want your website theme to be clean allowing visitors to locate around your store without hassle and stress. This reduces the risk of leaving to look elsewhere. You need your theme to be customized and aligned with your products and services, projecting what you’re selling. Your theme needs to be well coded, fully responsive and SEO optimized to produce an effective ecommerce website.

At our Digital Team our UK leading experts can assist you. We are Shopify Partner and a Google partner, with great Shopify knowledge. If you want to find out more or need our help, please get in touch.

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