Shopify Blogs: Benefits of maintaining a blog on your Shopify site

Shopify blogs are a collection of articles displayed in one place on your website. The content of a blog post might include information on a certain product or service you sell, how to use it, or cover relevant FAQs. A blog should be regularly updated on a weekly or monthly basis to send positive signals to search engines that your website is being kept up to date. The key reason why utilising Shopify blogs is that it is an excellent way to answer the target audience’s search queries. This helps to drive more qualified traffic as well as demonstrating to a consumer that you are an expert in your industry.

How long should Shopify blogs be?

There is certainly no rule on exactly how long your blog posts should be, although it is recommended that your blog should be a minimum of 500 words. However, each blog article can differ depending on the nature of the content. It is also important to keep in mind the law of diminishing returns- there is no point in writing thousands of thousands of words if the article is not visible to the intended reader. This is why it is imperative that when writing Shopify blogs, they are keyword optimised and SEO friendly.

If you’re giving out quick tips to fix a bike or top 10 city breaks it is a good idea to keep it short and snappy, giving the visitor the answers they need quickly to avoid a high bounce rate. If you’re writing a more informed blog focused on a business related matter, it is a good idea to break up your text with relevant subheadings, images and even videos to keep the user engaged. Ultimately, the length of a blog post should be dependent on the topic of the blog and the intended audience.

5 benefits of maintaining Shopify blogs

  1. Promoting products and services

Blogs are a great way to promote your products and services. You can use them to inform your audience about products and services you offer in more detail than you have done on your product description pages. This is useful because it can give your audience a deeper insight into your business and position yourself as an expert in the industry. A relevant blog is likely to have a greater impact on the reader in encouraging them to buy the product or service you sell, ultimately boosting your business’s sales.

  1. Improved organic search rankings

One of the main reasons we recommend publishing regular blogs on your Shopify site is its ability to improve rankings. Using the correct SEO on your Shopify blogs is a great way to become noticed by search engines such as Google. SEO is important for any ecommerce store and therefore it is extremely important to ensure your blogs are fully SEO optimised in order to achieve the best results. By doing so, Google will identify the relevance of your blog post based on the keywords and links used, to determine the people to display it too who are searching on Google. If you follow all of the best practice elements of SEO on your blogs, your website is likely to rank higher on search engines which is an excellent way to drive qualified traffic.

3. Builds an engaged audience

It is important for ecommerce stores to build up an engaged customer database. Blogs can help with this. By building up engaging content, you will likely build up an engaged community for your Shopify blogs as a result. This will have an impact on your website as it will increase your site traffic and can ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

4. Cost effective 

Blogs are an excellent strategy for promoting your ecommerce store. This is because you are able to create Shopify blogs that resonate with your audience that can be shared across social media and other sites. This provides your store with a simple and cost effective way to generate more traffic to your website. You can then repurpose this content for social media advertising, a great way to save you time and money- ideal for limited marketing budgets.

5. Lets the visitors know you’re an expert at what you do

By producing blog content for your ecommerce store you’re not only engaging a wider audience but you’re also gaining trust from potential customers. This is because you are unintentionally showing that you’re an expert in what you do and therefore, will likely motivate visitors to become paying customers due to the fact they have confidence in your work.

How can Our Digital Team assist with maintaining your Shopify blogs?

Here at Our Digital team we are experts in producing engaging, relevant, search engine friendly content for Shopify blogs. The work we complete for you is as an extension of your team. We will create a detailed content catalogue of keywords and blogs we recommend you use. From here you can tell us which blogs you want us to write. We will then produce the content for you as well SEO optimising the blogs to a high standard. By doing so we stay organised and up to date with producing regular blogs on your site. This will improve your position in search engine rankings as well as increasing your domain authority, website traffic and potential online sales.

Need our assistance? 

If you need our Shopify Partner assistance with blog writing or any other digital marketing service, get in contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can call us on 0161 883 3681