Google Ads Specialist – Get The Most Out of Your Google Campaigns 

Having successful Google Ads is one of the most important things you can do if you want to reach your target audience and optimise sales. But what is a Google Ads specialist? A Google Ads specialist is someone that is dedicated to planning, setting up and managing Google Ads for businesses. A specialist may singularly offer Google Ads services, or be in an agency which helps with various marketing and website needs. 

Why choose to work with a Google Ads specialist agency?

If your company does not have a dedicated marketing team, or needs an experienced Google Ads professional to help manage campaigns, Our Digital Team can help. Choosing an agency such as Our Digital Team works harmoniously with your business goals and effectively manages campaigns so that your reach ongoing optimisation. Effective Google Ads often require frequent adjusting to find what is working best such as; changing targeting, testing new ads and modifying bids. 

Using a Google Ads specialist can give you extra piece of mind. Specialists are knowledgeable in building campaigns, knowing how to effectively target your audience and drive them to the website. Our team has expertise in managing search, display, video and other types of campaigns and can help promote your website in the way you want. 

What do Google Ads specialists do?

Google Ads specialists have multiple roles in monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns including:

Regularly checking the current performance of Google Ads: It is important for a specialist to keep up to date with the performance of the active Ad. This is done by checking metrics which show impressions, cost per click, conversions, conversion rate and click-through rate.

Reviewing targeting: Targeting is essential for finding the ideal customer and audience. Targeting options includes location and device targeting for campaigns, as well as demographics, remarketing audiences and in-market.

Launching new campaigns: New campaigns will be created with existing keywords or new keywords found from research. The keywords used will align with the product, service or advertising objectives. These will create new ad groups and campaigns.

Optimising campaigns: This is where Google Ads specialists will optimise existing campaigns and new campaigns by adding negative keywords, adjusting any categories in targeting, modifying bids and other aspects.

Reporting monthly: A Google Ads specialist will monitor each campaign and provide feedback with performance reports to share. This may be weekly or monthly depending on the agreement with the Google Ads specialist. This allows you to know what is working for your company and create KPIs for the following campaigns.

What are the benefits of our Google shopping management?

– Grabs your audience’s attention: This is because it clearly displays images of your product. Statistics show that 65% of people will remember a picture of a product over text about one. 
– Increased site visibility: Google shopping appears in search engine results before any other websites. This means more of the target audience will see your site.
– Higher conversion rates
– Increased return on investment

What makes us effective at Google shopping management?

As Google partners, Our Digital Team has had to prove dedication to becoming and staying experts on Google’s ad platform. Our team has unmatched expertise and keeps up with industry changes and updates to ensure we provide the best service we can. The team is made up of some of the leading digital experts in the UK with 25 years of experience. We strive for exceptional results in all of our marketing services, which is what makes us an award-winning, qualified team.

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