About DASA

Our Digital Team, a Shopify Partner, has been successfully working with DASA for the last year. DASA is an industry leader in the provision of drainage and water leak detection services to the insurance industry and to residential homeowners. 

DASA was originally set up in 1982 by Darryl Gartley, working alongside local councils in Manchester to undertake drainage works. Since becoming an industry leader, DASA needed to refresh their website and make it more user-friendly and appealing to customers.

More About DASA


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in engagement


Increase in sessions


Increase in searches

Client Case Study


DASA originally had two websites for their services, one for the insurance industry (dasa.co.uk), and one for their home services (dasaathome.co.uk). It was agreed that having the two merged onto one website would be beneficial so that customers could find services on one page to avoid any confusion. 

Other challenges that DASA faced digitally were:

  • Low domain rating
  • Being lost among competitors
  • No social media presence – missed opportunities with B2B and networking
  • Lack of content 
  • No remarketing activity 
  • Not ranking for target keywords
  • Minimal referring domains
  • Little to no use of paid media – such as PPC ads, social media ads and Google Ads

What we did

Our Digital Team redesigned the DASA website so that there were technical features that worked with Google. This involved building a new navigation system, inclusive of the services they offer to insurance, businesses and residential customers.

Our marketing team conducted keyword research to find out which service search terms were commonly used so that the website was easily found through SEO (search engine optimisation). During our time working with DASA, we have consistently improved and implemented SEO work to the website to improve search visibility

What we achieved

  • 94% increase in organic traffic YOY
  • 70% increase in sessions compared to the same period in 2023 
  • The engagement has seen a 63% increase
  • There has been a 447% increase in searches in Manchester
  • Ranking for 14 featured snippets on Google
  • #1 for 23 key terms on Google 
  • Appearing for 291 organic keywords in the top 50 on Google

Regular posting across social media accounts has led to DASA seeing an increase in engagement amongst followers, especially on accounts such as LinkedIn. Having a strong social presence is important to establish a sense of credibility. 


‘Having worked with Craig and the team at Our Digital Team for the past 12 months, we’ve been incredibly impressed with the consistency of both their work; and their results. We were in dire need of a more modern approach to push DASA’s reputation as a family-led, customer-first business into the wider world; and Our Digital Team helped us to achieve this, and more.  It’s been a pleasure working with the team, and we look forward to what the next 12 months and beyond have in store’ 

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