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About Cycle Maintenance

Our Digital Team, a Shopify Partner, has previously worked with Cycle Maintenance Academy. Cycle Maintenance Academy is a team of expert cycle mechanics and instructors from Manchester. The team at Cycle Maintenance Academy provide tips, tricks and guides to assist people with the maintenance of their bikes.

They provide the basics about how to take care of your bike. Their approach is to always share as much of their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm as possible. Not only do they provide a variety of blogs and videos but they also have beginners cycle maintenance courses, which are available to purchase.

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Million impressions on YouTube


Views from impressions


YouTube subscribers


Views on the highest performing video

Client Case Study


  • Not appearing in the Google search results for any relevant terms
  • No blog posts or pages were optimised for SEO
  • Hadn’t taken advantage of YouTube SEO
  • They wanted to develop a new revenue stream through digital marketing and become an online influencer

What we did

Through the strategic implementation of YouTube SEO techniques, Our Digital Team significantly aided Cycle Maintenance Academy in enhancing their online visibility and reach. By optimising video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails, we ensured their content ranked higher in search results, attracting a broader audience interested in bicycle maintenance.

Additionally, we tailored content to address common queries and pain points within the cycling community, positioning the academy as a go-to resource. As a result, their YouTube channel experienced increased traffic, engagement, and ultimately, strengthened their brand authority in the realm of bicycle maintenance and repair.

What we achieved

After starting their YouTube account and optimising all videos, we achieved some great results for Cycle Maintenance Academy.

  • 3.6 million impressions on YouTube
  • 256.7k views from the impressions 
  • 16.3K subscribers
  • The highest-performing video had over 122k views


“It has been a pleasure working with Our Digital Team, they are always on hand to answer any questions and help however they can. Our Digital Team came up with a successful digital strategy that we had initially never even considered. We had started off wanting to sell cycle maintenance courses but soon realised this path was not profitable. Thanks to Craig’s innovative ideas and the team’s marketing activity we have managed to build a monetized YouTube channel with over 250,000 viewers! We could never have imagined reaching such an audience and for that, we cannot thank Our Digital Team enough.

– Arek Bartniczak, Founder, Cycle Maintenance Academy

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