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Bras and Honey was set up to stock diverse, beautiful and high-quality lingerie both online and in-store. They specialise in lingerie designed for bigger busts that don’t compromise on style, comfort and support. We have worked together for many years to provide the brand with a range of digital services. The biggest success of our partnership involved expanding the brand from the UK into new markets including the USA.

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Increase in revenue


Decrease in bounce rates


Increase in organically generated new users


Increase in paid revenue

Client Case Study


With the fashion industry being such a fast-paced and competitive market, Bras and Honey required a dynamic website that stood out from the crowd but most importantly, they needed to be visible. To do this, Bras and Honey needed a solid marketing strategy that combined SEO and paid advertising.

Our Digital Team worked closely with Bras and Honey to identify which lingerie brands were in demand and made sure they stocked them. We also had to manage paid ad campaigns stringently to remain competitive against other lingerie brands whilst sticking to the set budgets. 

What we did

We started working on technical elements such as ensuring the website is crawlable and indexable. Next, we optimised the page load speed as this is a direct ranking factor of search engines. What’s more, pages that take longer to load tend to have higher bounce rates. We wanted to ensure that the website provided an excellent user experience by making it easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. 

The next element of SEO that we focused on was ensuring all collection pages were optimised for high volume, relevant key terms. We also completed some off-site SEO activity to build the website’s domain authority which is key in improving a website’s ranking on search results. 

Paid ads played a significant role in our strategy. We implemented paid advertising campaigns in both paid search and Google Shopping. Paid search ads helped Bras and Honey reach their target audience efficiently, while Google Shopping targeted bottom-funnel customers, making it easier for them to find products.

What we achieved

Results YOY June 2023 v June 2022

  • 4306% increase in paid revenue 
  • 83% increase in revenue 
  • 90% increase in organically generated new users
  • Engagement rate increased by 65%
  • Average engagement time increased by 40%
  • 107% increase in event count
  • 73% reduction in bounce rate
  • 46% increase in time spent on site
  • Ranking for 56 highly competitive terms in the top 50 in the USA compared to 11 (YOY)
  • Consistent improvement in domain rating YOY in a digitally competitive market


– Nicola Rodney Crook, Founder, Bras and Honey

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