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WordPress Website Agency

Our Digital Team is a WordPress website agency that specialise and focus on designing, developing, maintaining websites using the WordPress platform. WordPress is a popular and user-friendly CMS that powers a significant portion of websites on the internet. 

What aspects of the website do Our Digital Team work on?

Our Digital Team are experienced and knowledgeable website developers that work on multiple aspects of a website. One key aspect of a WordPress website work is website design. Website design is important as it aligns with the client’s brand identity and objectives. From choosing suitable themes, customising layouts, and ensuring a seamless user experience, our website developers design responsive websites which perform exceptionally well on various devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets. 

Website Development

Website development is also another core component which we focus on. WordPress has the flexibility to build custom features, plugins, and functionalities tailored to the client’s unique needs. Whether it’s e-commerce integration, membership sites, or interactive elements, WordPress website agencies have the technical proficiency to bring diverse ideas to life. 

Online Support and Maintenance

Alongside the initial website design and development, Our Digital Team offers ongoing support and maintenance. This includes regular updates to the WordPress themes and plugins to ensure that the website remains secure and up-to-date. Additionally, we offer troubleshooting services and address any issues that may arise, contributing to the overall stability and reliability of the website.

Contact Our Digital Team for WordPress Website Services Today

Our Digital Team is a WordPress Agency which aims to be a help in hand to UK and overseas brands which use WordPress. Our WordPress experts have extensive knowledge and years of experience in web design and web development for WordPress.

We offer a range of specialist digital marketing services for WordPress such as:

You can read more about the digital marketing services we offer and how we can help you on our digital marketing service page.

If you would like to find out more about what Our Digital Team could do for your WordPress website, contact us. We are currently offering a FREE consultation on how to improve your WordPress site, if this is something you would be interested in please do not hesitate to get in touch at 0161 883 3681. 

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