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What is WordPress SEO

Many people choose WordPress to start a blog or set up a website, however it also caters to SEO. It is one of the most useful tools to help you with your SEO, helping you to follow the SEO rules along with best practices. WordPress is a useful tool to help you generate traffic to your website. It may be easy for some beginners to get started with WordPress SEO, however some may find this too technical to use. 

Why is wordpress SEO so useful

WordPress SEO makes SEO practices easy to put in place. It makes adding metadata easy and quick, by being able to use plugins such as Yoast. It also helps to add text for each image that may be used, meaning you are able to add your keyword to help be noticed. WordPress also helps incorporate social media campaigns, there are many tools to help link your social media to your website to help you improve your ranking. 

WordPress SEO best beginners tips 

  • Creating the right permalink 
  • Choose between www or non www
  • Researching the needs and wants of your customers to optimise your content 
  • Create engaging content 
  • Set focus keyphrases/keywords
  • Use headings, meta descriptions  and images 
  • Organise your content and your website to be able to then connect with interlinks

WordPress SEO plugins 

Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO makes it easy for anyone to optimise their webestie. Yoast SEO helps to optimise content that includes key words and phrases, chelpes create content that is easy to read and gives you SEO templates. 

Google XML Site Maps: This plug in helps you map out your site structure, this means that your site is more crawable. Making it easy to create XML sitemaps, which can sometimes be difficult. As well as everytime you post new content it notifies search engines for you. 

Google Analytics by Monster Insights: This plugin is easy, yet also powerful. This plugin gives you all the google analytic reports you need, it also shows how many ad banner clicks you’ve received. This plug in is useful for detailed statistics.

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