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About Victory Colours

Victory Colours are a family run, independent, eco-conscious paint company, who are proud to produce premium quality paints at affordable prices. Their colours have been carefully developed and curated to meet interior design needs. Victory Colours produces technically superior, eco-conscious, water-based, deeply pigmented paints.

Victory Colours paint is ultra-low odour, washable, durable, virtually VOC-free, and has great coverage. Their paints have been independently tested, and achieved Indoor Air Comfort Gold accreditation, meaning they are great for indoor air quality.


Increase in revenue


Increase in the number of sales


Increase in average order value


#1 rankings for paint related terms

Client Case Study


Victory Colours lacked an online presence, with minimal visibility in Google search results, making it difficult for potential customers to discover their products. Secondly, their experience with Google ads had previously been disappointing, failing to provide users with a positive interaction and not yielding the expected results in terms of attracting customers. Lastly, despite their efforts, Victory Colors was struggling to meet their sales targets, indicating a gap between their potential and actual performance in the market.

What we did

To address these challenges effectively, our team prioritised improving their online visibility, refining their Google ad strategies to enhance user engagement, and implementing targeted sales tactics to maximise their revenue potential. By focusing on these areas, we were able to overcome these obstacles and position them for sustainable growth in a highly competitive market.

To address these challenges, we did the following:

  • Created specific collection pages for each colour paint and for specific eco-friendly and vegan paint terms, so that we could own the market and rank for the relevant keywords. Helping to expand the Victory Colours Shopify store.
  • Increased domain authority through offsite tactics such as link building.
  • Made several changes to the Shopify store, adding new payment methods and being able to pay by PayPal; improving the user experience. 

What we achieved

Through our hard work and strategies, we helped Victory Colours achieve fantastic results. We boosted their revenue by 73% and increased their sales by a huge 85%. By improving how they turn leads into customers, we raised their conversion rate by 10%. We also gained a 7% increase in average order value. We also saw some great results from our SEO strategy, with Victory Colours now ranking number one for 26 paint-related search terms. These successes show our dedication to making real, measurable improvements for our clients.


“Our Digital Team has played a fundamental role in the development of Victory Colours. Their team is full of fun and creative ideas as well as an unmatched enthusiasm to deliver. One of the reasons we enjoyed working with Our Digital Team so much is that they did not try to bamboozle us with industry jargon and kept it simple, letting the results speak for themselves.”

– Victoria Yardley, Managing Director, Victory Colours

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