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Shopify Site- The importance of ecommerce marketing

Digital marketing is crucial for any online business wanting to see results from their Shopify site. In a nutshell, digital marketing creates excellent opportunities for your business. These opportunities include improved site ranking on search engines, increased traffic to your site, and better conversion rates. There are multiple components of effective marketing online. This article will explore how marketing can improve your shopify site results.

First of all we will delve into what Shopify is. Shopify is a multinational e-commerce company that allows you to create and manage an online store. It has some great features making it a great platform for your ecommerce store. Some benefits include that it is reliable, customisable, you can sell all over the world and it is quick and easy to set up. The downside of Shopify is that for effective SEO, you need to help of the experts.

5 reasons why marketing your Shopify site is important

Digital marketing is the practise of promoting products, services and brands online. It involves multiple components to achieve the best results. Some common forms of digital marketing that are great for Shopify include:

This infographic shows how different marketing tactics can lead to engagement with your brand.

There are currently over one million businesses using Shopify to host their online store. This means there is plenty of competition out there making it crucial to cut through all the noise. Effective marketing provides you with the opportunity to do this. Here are 5 reasons why marketing your Shopify site is important:

Cost effective

The main concern for many people when it comes to operating a business is budgeting. The great part about marketing is that when it is done right it can be produce quick results. For instantaneous cost effective results, PPC advertising is a great choice. The PPC model is flexible to suit all budgets, for example you get to choose your desired maximum spending per click. Other benefits are that it is extremely targeted, can help you break into new markets and pull quality traffic to your Shopify site. 

Our Digital Team has executed a number of successful, cost effective pay per click campaigns for our clients. We work hard to bring the cost of sales down and drive the volume of sales up. Through the campaigns we monitor, measure and modify the ads to ensure we get the best results. 

Drive organic traffic to your site

Another reason why it is important to market your Shopify site is because it can help to improve your site ranking. Ranking highly on search engine results is beneficial for any online store because appearing on the first page of google increases the authority and trustworthiness of your brand. The best part about organic rankings is that that customer touchpoint doesn’t cost you anything. Search engine optimisation is the marketing method used to improve site ranking and drive traffic to your store. Another advantage of ranking highly on search engines is that you can effectively block your competitors’ online presence and drive more customers to your website.

Although SEO is an extremely effective way of marketing your website, it is important to note that it is a long term strategy. Unlike pay per click advertising, SEO takes time to see results. Furthermore, search engine optimisation is an ongoing process that requires commitment and consistency in order to achieve the best results. Our Digital Team are experts in SEO and have increased the site ranking of numerous clients websites. The benefit of ranking highly is that it can increase your conversion rates which takes us to our next point.

Increase conversion rates

Conversion rate marketing involves improving the ratio of website visitors to conversions. A conversion does not necessarily have to be a sale, it can include sign ups, downloads and any other response to your call to actions. Increasing conversions is indicative of successful marketing and demonstrates interest in what your business is offering. 

Get ahead of your competition

Digital marketing is an effective way of getting your Shopify site ahead of competition. It is surprising how many businesses do not understand the fundamentals of SEO and how it can benefit their business, others simply choose to ignore it. This provides a great opportunity to essentially block the visibility of your competitors’ websites by getting ahead of them in search engine results. Digital marketing also helps to increase brand awareness and authority meaning potential customers are more likely to choose your brand over competitors.

Track Customer Journey

Last but by no means least is the advantage of tracking your customers journey. Marketing analytical tools such as google analytics allows your marketing team to monitor your customers actions. This gives you a great insight into your customers behaviours and journey to conversion. This provides a learning opportunity to identify ways you can shorten the journey to conversion. It is important to remember that customers rarely, if ever, convert on the first visit to a site. Statistics show that 81% of sales don’t happen until after 7 or more contacts. This demonstrates the importance of utilising a combination of marketing tactics to point potential customers in the right direction and ultimately drive conversions. 

Overview of marketing your Shopify Site

So, there you have it, 5 reasons why digital marketing is crucial to your online business. Shopify is an excellent platform for ecommerce stores. When paired with effective marketing, your business can skyrocket to success. The best way to achieve maximum results is by using a marketing expert or digital agency that can assist in your marketing.

Our Digital Team are official Shopify partners and experts in digital marketing. We have managed to grow a multitude of our Shopify clients. One example of a client who hosts their site on Shopify is Bras and Honey who with our help expanded into new markets including the USA.

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