About PlumbHQ

PlumbHQ is one of the leading suppliers of Heating, Plumbing and Bathroom products to the trade. PlumbHQ sells various products and supplies such as plumbing fittings, valves, taps, baths and shower pumps. They have the products and solutions that suit the needs of all plumbing systems, domestic, commercial and industrial.


Increase in organic users YoY


Increase in return on ads spend YoY


Keywords in the top three SERP results


Return on ad spend in 2023

Client Case Study


  • Not appearing in the Google search results 
  • Pages not optimised for SEO
  • Poor user experience due to the navigation not being clear and showing all relevant products or collection pages
  • Hadn’t taken advantage of any paid advertising for specific products

What we did

We created a new navigation to ensure that all product and collection pages were optimised for each specific term, to ensure that we covered all the relevant and most important ecommerce products.

We targeted specific products in a range of colours, as well as specific types of plumbing fittings. In time we then went ahead and created several paid ad campaigns for products such as shower pumps and copper fittings. 

What we achieved

Since working with PlumbHQ, we have achieved some fantastic results.

  • We have achieved 28 keywords within the top three rankings in the Google search results, featuring at the top with big competitors such as Screwfix and Tool Station.
  • As well as 65 keywords appearing on the first page of the Google search results page.
  • A 2,600% (9,668 vs 5,829) increase in organic search users year on year 2022 vs 2023
  • Q3 2022 ROAS 556% VS Q3 2023 ROAS 720% = 30% increase in return on ads spend YoY


Our digital team has been an invaluable partner in our online journey. Their mastery of SEO techniques significantly increased our visibility, ensuring our brand stood out amidst the competition. With their strategic approach to paid advertising, we witnessed a substantial expansion in our reach, driving more qualified leads to our business. Their comprehensive digital marketing strategies have not only enhanced our online presence but also translated into tangible results, elevating our brand’s impact and revenue.

– Edward Stephenson, Director, PlumbHQ

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