Footwear Digital Marketing Insights

The ecommerce market for the ‘Footwear’ sector is ever-changing, with immense growth each year.

  • Online search growth has surged in the last 12-months
  • Customer buying habits have increased since the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Brexit has introduced new supply chain issues

The research which we have complied is unique to ecommerce brands on the ‘Shopify’ platform. The digital marketing insights include how to generate more sales, and take lead in the growing market of competitors.

Digital marketing findings for ‘Footwear’ ecommerce stores include:

  • Customer Behaviour: How have the buying habits of ‘Footwear’ consumers changed over the last few years. How are companies adapting their ecommerce strategy to different devices?
  • Website effectiveness: Who is using Shopify to their full advantage? Which competitors are most effective?
  • Organic search performance: Who is using successful SEO to be at the forefront of high google rankings? Why and How? How can improvements be made to become successful in the rankings.
  • Omnichannel Shopping: Who is using ‘Google shopping’, Facebook stores and Bing shopping to generate more sales? How can improvements be made on this activity to convert new customers.
  • Paid MediaHow are your competitors managing their online activity such as display, remarketing, and paid search? How do they compare with you?
  • Content Marketing: Are new customers being targeted effectively with PR, SEO and social media output? How and are competitors driving more sales using content marketing?

Some of the UK’s leading digital marketing and ecommerce experts have used our knowledge and expertise to identify improvements for footwear brands. The results will include data that is specifically for your ecommerce brand.

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