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Why is it important that your business has a digital presence in 2023?

Any well-established, thriving business grows from having a strong engagement with customers. But why is a digital presence so important?

A digital presence is the perfect opportunity to use the digital platform on a whole to communicate with customers. It also gives you, as a business owner, the chance to show consumers how you differ from your competitors and an idea of what your brand is truly about.

Over the past decade and more, a digital presence has stemmed far from just the internet and Google search. There are now multiple social media platforms and apps which allow consumers to explore brands in a different way. In the current climate, if you want your business to be really seen, you will want your brand to be over most social media channels and search engines.


If your business has a reputable digital presence, not only will it increase brand awareness, but it can also help your business look legitimate and build your credibility. If you think about it, you are more likely to trust a company if you have seen that they have multiple social media channels as well as a standalone website. Customers may even find your website through a social media channel, or vice versa.

Build a strong digital presence:

A digital presence is all well and good, but only if it is user friendly. If your website, first of all, is difficult to use, customers will question its reliability. A clean, well thought out layout with relevance to your brand will resonate more with customers as it exemplifies your business’ personality and tone of voice. The content which you use both on your website and over social media channels should be accurate, as well as being relevant for your target audience. Sharing news about your business or posting on your site’s blog page regularly can be a really effective way of pulling customers to your site, as well as helping the overall Search Engine Optimization of your website.

Having an active presence on social media:

Having an active digital presence on social media is one of the most important steps in building a strong online presence if you want your audience to engage with your brand outside of your website. It also allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal, relatable level. However, some social media platforms won’t be relevant for your brand, so it is important to establish a social media strategy which most benefits your business. For example, if your brand was a business selling makeup products, using platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok would be more relevant and useful than focusing on a platform such as LinkedIn.

Focussing on a stronger digital presence can open more opportunities for connecting with a wider audience, which will provide your business with the foundations for increased business growth and traffic. It can also give you the opportunity to boost engagement with your audience, build your credibility and reputation.

Using a digital marketing agency to improve your digital presence

If you are wanting to communicate with your customers more and build your business on a global scale, building your digital presence is essential. If you would like help planning your digital marketing strategy and would like to improve your digital presence, Our Digital Team has a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in improving digital presence. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to receive a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your business requirements and how with our help, we can develop an effective digital strategy to grow your business.

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