Shopify landing page with Our Digital Team


A Shopify landing page is a page on your website in which customers land on where they can view your products or services. Landing pages are also known as a lead capture page or destination page and often operate with an intentional aim to convert visitors into clicking the call to action. For example, there may be a form to fill out on the landing page for a call back or a link that takes you to a certain product page. These pages are designed to convert the visitor by encouraging them to acquire further information or assistance which is a great way to capture contact information for remarketing.

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Shopify Blogs: Benefits of maintaining a blog on your Shopify site


Shopify blogs are a collection of articles displayed in one place on your website. The content of a blog post might include information on a certain product or service you sell, how to use it, or cover relevant FAQs. A blog should be regularly updated on a weekly or monthly basis to send positive signals to search engines that your website is being kept up to date. The key reason why utilising Shopify blogs is that it is an excellent way to answer the target audience’s search queries. This helps to drive more qualified traffic as well as demonstrating to a consumer that you are an expert in your industry.

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Best Free Shopify Apps: Top 10


When running an ecommerce store, it’s unlikely you want any added costs of installing site enhancing apps on Shopify. Furthermore, with the vast options of apps available you don’t want to end up paying for an app that is not right for your business. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 best free Shopify apps to use for marketing. This way, if you decide the app is not right for your online Shopify store, you’re not losing out financially.

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Shopify Alternatives

improve seo shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms used by many famous brands such as Heinz, Budweiser and Tesla. The remarkable ecommerce platform offers all elements needed to set up an online store in the most efficient way possible. The platform invites you to build your ecommerce store hassle and stress free with little to no worries. Shopify is extremely hard to beat. However, if you’re looking for Shopify alternatives we have put together a list below.

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Shopify themes: Importance of customisation


With more than 1 million ecommerce businesses currently using Shopify to present their online store, Shopify themes have never been more popular. Some of the most successful brands use Shopify. If you look at the websites of Kylie Cosmetics, Heinz, Lindt and Nescafe you’ll see familiar Shopify features presented in a way that makes the brand unmistakable. It’s the Shopify themes that set each brand apart.

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